Capsule 50: When Your Style Doesn't Feel Right

So, you're looking for a style change? It has come to the day when you can TRULY say, "I have nothing to wear!" and be right. What do you do? change your style. There is no law that says once you define you're style you can never change it. I mean, just go look at all the celebrity photos from the early 2000s. We don't fault them for wearing denim patchwork dresses or fringe skirts over flared jeans with a scarf in their hair. It happens to the best of us. And sometimes, if you're like me, your style hasn't really ever felt YOU. That's okay for some people. Some of you are totally okay with changing your style day to day, because your personality and mood changes from day to day. I know myself pretty well now, and that's not me. I have a few moods I know I like to dress for (happy, power mood, stay in bed all day mood, etc) and my wardrobe is just not supporting that. Which means it has come to the worst. I must take actual time out of my life to define my style. This doesn't mean I dislike any of my past outfits or that I gave bad advice, it just means I need to feel more like myself while sharing these outfits. And of course, I plan on taking you all along on this journey of my style change. This comes at a fitting time, since it is almost a year of One Week Wardrobes for me!! I've got that down pat, so now I need to dive a little deeper into who I am, which is never fun facing yourself. But that's for another time and post, let's dive into this week's capsule!


Now does this pose belong in Vogue or what? The subtle angst, the textures, the weird hand positions? I'm Karl Lagerfeld's dream.


Speaking of changing my style, this is an outfit I feel pretty me in, now if I could just figure out why! I'm a girl who needs rules, so I'm currently trying to figure out WHY I'm drawn to certain silhouettes, colors, patterns, feels, materials, etc and make a guide for myself of what my style is. Don't worry, I'll share the process with you, of course! In this outfit I love that my waist is defined, there is a small pattern vs. a large pattern, it's casual but pulled together, and it's neutral colors.

I don't know why, but I get strong 50s housewife vibes from this dress and pose. Like, I'm Baby in Dirty Dancing and I'm about to flash everyone when I jump into his arms. Somehow this dress manages to make me look more hippy than usual, which my hips and I do NOT appreciate. Which is probably why I like to define my waist, now that I think about it.


You know when you see a cute guy and you're trying to pretend you didn't notice him looking at you? Yeah, that's this pose. And me in my summer white dress walking on the beach towards heartbreak that will be neatly wrapped up in 90 minutes.


And she's done! It's hard to believe this is my 50th One Week Wardrobe. I thought I had commitment issues, but apparently I can tell my therapist otherwise. I'm working on a post for my one year wrap-up, and I would love to know if there's anything you'd like to see in it! I have some ideas for throwbacks and the good and bad, but I want to hear what you've enjoyed or hated or what you want going forward. I will be keeping this up for the foreseeable future, so please let a girl know what you would like more or less of in the future.

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