The 3 Things You Need to do in Your Morning Ritual


"Y’all, I am just like sooo zen because of my morning ritual.” Ugh. Sounds like your favorite mom at yoga class, right? She’s wack, for sure. Butttt, a morning ritual can actually give you the “zen” you need in your morning!

Mornings are the worst. You drag yourself out of bed and make yourself presentable with your eyes just barely open the whole time. Sound familiar? That’s me, or well it used to be. Until I got really tired of always being tired and grumpy in the morning, effectively making half my day no good.

Cliche as it is, we only have so many days, why waste half of that time barely awake? A ritual will help you prepare for the day in a light and easy way that doesn’t take up much time or stress you out. In fact, it should calm you and ready you for what the day may bring.

Morning rituals should contain three components. I’ll walk you through what each component is, examples for that part, and then what my morning ritual looks like. Let’s start walking!

What should a morning routine look like?

  • Self-Care

  • Learning

  • Taking Care of Your Body

I pinky promise that doing one of each of these three things will not only create the most perfect morning routine, but it won’t take up much of your time either.


Since mornings are generally so awful for most of us, doing something kind for yourself to start your day is absolutely imperative. This is one of my favorite parts of the morning, and usually takes up no more time than your usual morning routine.

Why? Because mornings aren’t the time to pull out the at-home spas, but there are little ways you probably haven’t thought about that will show you how much you care. Here’s some examples to show ya what I mean.

  • Do a quick sheet mask while you’re fixing your hair or other activity

  • Use a fancy shower soap/wash/scrub instead of whatever’s on sale

  • Find a coffee blend/creamer/cup you love and treat yourself

  • Take a minute to doodle or watercolor if you’re artsy

  • Spend an extra minute looking at your jewelry and choosing the perfect piece

  • Try a new/different lipstick color each day

  • Do your makeup more than your “everyday” look

You probably already do most of those things, but adding a little luxury and fun to your regular routine keeps it from being a drudgery. I suggest only picking one of mine (or your own idea), because too many rituals can just make your morning more stressful. Combining this with your other two rituals will be the perfect amount of love for yourself.

Learn Something New

Most of us are out of school at this point, but I feel like the days I was in school were when I was at my sharpest. Which is why I’m a huge advocate of always always learning. There’s evidence that learning in the morning is not prime time, so I like to use my morning ritual as a primer for learning small bits of information.

  • Read one news article. Depressing as it may be sometimes, we need to be in the know

  • Get a foreign language dictionary and learn three new words each day

  • Watch a short video on YouTube while you get dressed. Makeup, fashion, engineering, news, you’re learning either way!

  • Get your own language dictionary and teach yourself a word of the day

  • Find and read articles related to your profession so you can stay at the top of your game

  • Pick a skill you want to master and practice it for 5-10 minutes each morning

  • Do an easy (or hard!) sudoku puzzle or word search

I don’t know about you, but my brain feels bigger when I learn something new. While I only do one of these each morning, I like to switch it up. I rarely do the same thing more than two days in a row. Lucky for you, I’ve listed seven different ways to learn new things, which means you have one for each day of the week!

Take Care of Your Body

This is the part we love to hate, right? Taking care of my body is a chore sometimes. I was never one of those people just pumped to go to the gym or lift weights and god forbid running. If you like to workout in the morning, then you can go ahead and skip this section. You’ve got it down. Better yet, stay. I’ve got fresh ideas.

I think we’ve pretty thoroughly covered that mornings suckkkkk. I don’t want to nor do I have the time for a full blown workout. But, I’m hyper aware that getting my blood flowing after being comatose all night makes me feel really good.

So, I choose very simple ways get the juices flowing each morning that don’t make me want to keel over and die.

  • Do a 5-10 minute yoga video

  • Do 2-3 Sun Salutations

  • Do a 5-10 minute pilates video

  • Do a 7 minute HIIT workout

  • Make a short stretching routine (and get that flexibility up!)

  • Take a short walk, around your block, around your house, to the park, doesn’t matter, you’re walking!

  • Step outside and get some fresh air for a few minutes (my favorite for extra lazy days, even in the winter!)

I’ve linked some of my favorite videos for a few of these examples to make it as easy as possible. If you like the videos I’ve linked, be sure to check out the instructor’s channel! All of them have other videos that are super short and always encouraging.

You’re done!

See? So simple. I’m not about a morning routine that adds stress to your day. Really and truly, morning rituals and routines should be about adding a little more enjoyment to things you already do.

Don’t be afraid to change it up, either. The word routine makes people think it has to be the same every day, but honestly, that takes the enjoyment out of it. Pick and choose what works for you each day, but try to get in each component in. Much love.

Wait! Before you go, check out my daily routine.

I switch it up from time to time, but this is my current set up.

  • Wearing a different lipstick color each day

  • Watching an interesting YouTube video

  • 3 Sun Salutations after I get up

Okay, nowwww you can get to making your own routine.