7 Little Things You Can Do Right Now

Does anyone else get the idea that self-care is something that only wealthy women of leisure can do? I don’t see a lot of self-care tips that are cheap, not going to involve me quitting my job and becoming self-absorbed, or don’t include traveling around the world.

Frankly, I’m tired of self-care being “giving yourself experiences” or spending all your money on a three day trip to France, because you MUST experience travel to truly live.

Sometimes, to really live and enjoy life, all you need is a little time to yourself. So, I’ve gathered this list:

7 little self-care ideas you can do right now and on the cheap of your money and time.

1. Shave your legs

Alright, alright, alright, starting out strong. Please tell me I’m not the only person who doesn’t shave everyday. If I’m being honest, I only shave once a week, because I was blessed with very fine and blond leg hair.

Which also means I am doomed to never being able to zap all my hair off permanently with a laser, but ya know, pros and cons. There’s just something great about shaved legs that makes you feel sleek and soft. If you’re one of those crazies who commits to shaving everyday, I give you one of two options.

One, stop shaving your legs everyday! No, seriously. When I shaved that often, shaving felt like a chore. I didn’t enjoy the way my legs felt after, it was just another beauty regimen “the man” forced on me.

Once I started shaving once a week (sometimes even less), it felt like more of a luxury than a chore. But, if you’re unlike me and you’ve managed to find joy in shaving everyday, go the extra mile and exfoliate your legs beforehand every now and then.

No need to use anything fancy, sugar and olive oil will work wonders. You’ll get a muchhhh closer shave with all that dead skin off, and your silky softness will be tripled. And, if you just don’t feel like making a scrub or feel fancy with scented scrubs, this one is my fave forever.


2. Wash your sheets!

Building on that last one, there is nothing better than fresh, clean sheets on silky legs! I love to wash my sheets in the morning and then shave my legs that night, so I get to crawl in bed and slide my legs all over those sheets! I wish I could have fresh sheets everyday, but making your bed is the worst.

You can definitely tell a difference as sheets go longer and longer without being washed, which is why I wash mine once a week. Most of the time. I’m not perfect.

But a lot of the time, self-care is just doing little things that contribute to your overall quality of life, cleanliness is one of those little things.

3. De-fuzz a sweater

If you’re one of those sickos like me who likes to peel their sunburned skin off or loves exfoliating to see how much dead skin you can remove….welcome to your new obsession. Apparentlyyyy this device is old as time and I have just now been introduced.

Meet the fabric shaver. It’s like shaving your clothes, only much more satisfying. I loathe when clothing starts to get pills on it. I won’t go into the specifics of why things pill (mostly fabric quality), but after a while most clothing will have pills.

Your once brand new and beloved cardigan is now the rattiest cardigan on the block. Well, no more! The fabric shaver is like a small spinning razor that ever so lightly shaves those pills off and leaves your clothing looking better than the day you bought it.

Don’t worry, it sounds dangerous but is very safe and easy to use, this is coming from the person who managed to slip into the bathtub when I wasn’t even taking a bath.

This is my favorite shaver, it works great and is insanely affordable. Not to mention, it saves you money in the long run since you don’t have to replace all those pilled pieces of clothing.

4. Make a gratitude list

Okay, it’s time to get hippy dippy in here. Yeah, yeah it’s a gratitude list. A friend of mine told me she did this everyday, and I was like okayyyy you can get outta here with all that positivity.

But, one day I was having a REALLY bad morning. So, I wrote down three things I was thankful for, and I mean these were little things. Like, “three of the stoplights on the way to work were green” little.

And somehow, my bad morning did not turn into a bad day, because even though I was feeling kind of overwhelmed and upset, I just reminded myself of those things throughout the day and it helped me get through without ending up in the ER for a nervous breakdown.

This isn’t something I could or would commit to doing everyday, but as a little self-care routine every now and then? Oh, heck yeah.

5. Bake some cookies

I am no baker, but boy do I wanna be. Every time I tell myself I’m going to have a super-fun baking day I end up three hours in, surrounded by dirty dishes I will have to wash, half-baked gourmet cupcakes, and upset that my decorating skills are worse than a kindergartener’s. Yeah.

You know when I’m happiest baking? When I get those holiday cookies from Pillsbury that you don’t even have to cut, all you do is place them on the pan and wait ten-ish minutes.

I feel accomplished and I get my sugar fix. And you even feel great about yourself with your fancy decorated cookies that taste amazing. Only problem I have is not eating the entire box.

6. Read a novel at meal-time.

My favorite, favorite time to check social-media is whenever I’m eating meals. Some days you just get tired of scrolling through the same old baby pictures and those week-old memes, and don’t get me started on the politics.

Every now and then, I’ll start a book and as a treat, only let myself read it during mealtime. It might be a book I picked up the thriftstore, the library, or an e-book I downloaded.

E-books are my favorite for this, because I never forget them at home. They’re on my phone! I like to lose myself in fiction, because non-fiction and memoirs is just a little too much like Facebook.

Here are some of my current faves and quick-reads:

7. Take a nap.

Maybe you’ve done everything on this list or maybe none of it appealed to you (Really, even the cookies?!). Either way, the best self-care idea for anyone that doesn’t cost any money is to take a nap! Need I say more? Get to sleeping!