Black Friday Style


While everyone else is preparing the perfect Thanksgiving outfit, I’m prepping the best tactical outfit for Black Friday. Your mission is to get that 60-inch TV and have it in your car within an hour, can you hack it? If electronics aren’t your game, just picture that leather jacket you’ve been lusting over for the past month finally hanging in your closet.  Your Thanksgiving outfit may be a little more glamorous, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid planning for situations that are more about spending the least (and simultaneously the most) money. I have been on many Black Friday trips, and I think I have come up with the perfect outfit, right down to the accessories.

First, you’re going to want to wear leggings. I like the Han Solo look of a white shirt and black leggings, but hey, feel free to dress up as whatever leggings friendly character you want. Fleece lined leggings offer more warmth if you’re stuck waiting to get into the store, and they allow for a better range of motion. You know, for when you have to break out what you learned from that single kickboxing class you took two years ago. I don’t like to wear jeans, because I feel a little restricted and they lack the warmth of leggings. Plus, stretchy waist. You will need it after Thanksgiving dinner. Pro tip: get the active wear leggings with a little pocket. It’s the perfect place to store your whistle when alerting your sister that the target is secured.

1| Zella Leggings 2| Fleece Lined 3| Cutout Leggings

You’ve got your leggings, now you need a warm but not too warm top. The solution? The ever elusive, yet glorious ¾ sleeve shirt. It’s enough to keep your arms warm, but you can push up the sleeves if you get a little too warm when crammed into a holding area.

1| Sequin Shirt 2| Don't Stop Believin'

If your region is so cold that you require even more warmth, opt for a cardigan OR a puffy vest. I’m a fan of both, personally. A cardigan is great for tying around your waist, while a vest provides the perfect amount of warmth without overheating. If you overheat, you could pass out. Who reallyyyy wants to have to wait for the ambulance stretcher to make it through the crowds? I’m pretty positive they won’t wheel you through the checkout line on the way out, either.

1| Puffy Vest 2| Cardigan

Speaking of passing out, bring snacks. Multiples. I always get much hungrier late at night and early in the morning. I can only assume it is my body’s way of protesting. And where should you store your snacks? In your handy dandy fanny pack. I’m kidding. My bag of choice is a crossbody bag. The ultimate goal is to have your hands as free as possible. So, your bag needs to be large enough to hold your phone, snacks, small water, wallet, and your maps of the stores.

1| Foldover Crossbody 2| Studded Crossbody

These are all my personal preferences, but I would love to hear your idea of the perfect tactical Black Friday outfit! If you get a chance, comment what you scored on sale. And remember, you don’t need to wear anything at all if you’re shopping online, Loovelies.