Capsule #25: Black, White, & RED all over


What’s black and white and red all over? Not a newspaper, that’s for sure! It’s me! And no, my hair does not count as the red part. Okay, maybe just a little bit ( a lotta bit). Sometimes I find myself in a rut of neutral dressing, and while there is nothing wrong with a neutral wardrobe, I feel much cheerier when I wear bright colors. But, you can pry my black clothing out of my cold, dead hands.


Of course, I chose the red ¾ sleeve tee! I loveee a good boatneck tee, but I can never find one that doesn’t show my bra straps. Whoever designed these shirts (A New Day at Target) is a genius. There’s an added bit of fabric along the neckline that covers your straps and makes it easier to get on over your head, for those of us blessed/cursed with big hair. I also have to rave for a minute that it is 95% cotton, which you all know is my all-time favorite fabric. Momma gets hot.

girl in red shirt, black jeans, metallic sweater, pencil skirt, and striped shirt

girl in red shirt, black jeans, metallic sweater, pencil skirt, and striped shirt

Look 1

Um, how divine is that top?! I got it in a Trunk Club shipment (discount code) from Nordstrom, and man did my stylist know what she was doing. I’m going to let you in on my dirty secret: I hate sweaters. They’re hot. I swear I’ve been having menopausal hot flashes since I was 15. I love the look of sweaters, but my climate and penchant for hot flashes make them impossible to wear. This is a short-sleeve sweater, so I get my winter look without the hassle. The best part?! It has metallic threading and is so shimmy shimmy shiny.

Look 2

I own VERY few red items in my closet, but I am always surprised by how flattering they are. I have discovered I actually look better in tomato red than maroon. Take that, Clifford. I like to classify my style as polished edge, and this outfit is the epitome of that. A chic, plain tee with ripped jeans and oxfords? Such contradictory items in theory, but I love how it all plays together. This is like my grown-up goth phase.

Look 3

Same jeans, different day. I may have a little bit of a love affair with the Simone Jeansfrom Abercrombie. High-waisted, stretchy, ripped, and so many colors? Sign me the heck up. I’m back with the ¾ sleeve shirt in stripes this time,. Although this shirt is from a different brand, it is no less loved. White/cream is a good neutral to brighten a dark neutral fit up but not worry about having to really match. White goes with almosttt anything.

Look 4

I cannot overstate how much I love this short-sleeved sweater. It is somehow so polished and punk at the same time. Some days an all black outfit is called for to pump you up. Black is my bad*** color. If I’m wearing all black, I seriously feel like Oprah at the Golden Globes. The laceless oxfordsreally ground this outfit and make it look like I’m about to get down to some serious business…whether that business is picking flowers on the side of the road or saving the world. Flowers could save the world, so either way I’m winning.

Look 5

This is the face I make when I have to go to the office. Even though, I’m looking fine fine. A good pencil skirt will bring you everywhere. This one is just thick enough so you don’t see the panty lines on your booty (unless you’re a commando kinda girl). It also rarely rides up, which is my pet peeve with pencil skirts. This is definitely a basic, office-appropriate outfit.

Do you have a certain color that pumps you up? How do you wear it? Sometimes my color changes, and I like to sprinkle it in with neutrals, like the red in this #oneweekwardrobe. Other times it’s all black, all the way.

5 Items

Short Sleeve Sweater

Black Pencil Skirt

Black Ripped Jeans 

Red 3/4 Sleeve Shirt 

Striped 3/4 Sleeve Shirt (similar)


Laceless Oxfords 

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code!)

Trunk Club Discount Code