100% Body Positive Body Shape Quiz


What’s one thing we all want? To look good, duh! Andddd what is the best way to look good even in your old sweats and a tee? To dress for your body shape! And I’ve made a little body shape quiz just to help you out, cause I’m cool like that.

Wait, why should I dress for my body shape?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that you absolutely must emphasize your waist if you aren’t a “lucky” hourglass or that you can play up those girls on your chest if you’re more “busty”.

The only reason you should know your body type is so that YOU can know what areas of your body you might like to play up or areas you never thought of as attractive. Even if you have the body of SpongeBob Squarepants, you can look great!

No one shape is for skinny girls and no one shape is for curvy girls. There are thin hourglasses and curvy rectangles, so don’t think your body fat percentage means a thing here! Your body shape is all about your bone structure.

Coincidentally, this is why if you use the quiz or calculator I won’t ask for your bust measurement. Your breasts are going to fluctuate on the daily and go up and down with your weight.

While it may be somewhat genetic, it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with body shape. Instead, you’ll be looking at the width of your shoulders for your top half comparison.

Knowing your body shape is a tool, one that you may decide to use or not. What you think is most flattering on your body type is up to you!

What are the types?

  • Pear (also known as triangle)

  • Rectangle

  • Hourglass

  • Inverted Triangle (also known as apple)

Don’t care to read about each type? Take the body shape quiz right now!

Pear/Triangle Body Shape


Are you a hippy girl? Got hips for days that are wider than your shoulders and perfect for Shakira dancing? You’re probably a pear/triangle!

Popular Pears: Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna

Tips to Flatter: You’ve got a heavier bottom half of your bod if this is you. If you aren’t in love with this, define your waist with tucked shirts or dresses with a defined waist seam. If you prefer not to define your waist, statement necklaces or hairdos are a great way to draw the eye up and make your body look longer!

Rectangle Body Shape


When you’re asked to measure your waist or you not totally sure where it is? If you’re a rectangle there probably isn’t much of a defined waist and your shoulders and hips will be almost the same width.

Rousing Rectangles: Gwyneth Paltrow, Queen Latifah, Anne Hathaway

Tips to Flatter: So many choices! If you’d prefer to have a more typically “feminine” look, try to define your waist with dresses that have a defined waist line or tuck shirts into jeans and skirts. If you feel a little boxy, try to add more curves to your clothing in the form of scoop neck shirts instead of V-necks or dresses that have flowy skirts to add volume on you lower half.

Hourglass Body Shape


This is the body shape everyone thinks is for curvy girls, but an hourglass can be 100 pounds or 300+. Do you have a SUPER defined waist that is smaller than both your shoulders and your hips? If so, let the sand start dripping because you’re an hourglass!

Hot Hourglasses: Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria

Tips to Flatter: Your waist is already there, but it’s up to you if you want to define it or not! If you want to define it, follow the advice for rectangles and pears. Thinner hourglasses might want to add volume to their bottom half with full skirts or dresses while a more curvy hourglass may want to go with a form fitting bottom option.

Inverted Triangle/Apple Body Shape


Do you have power shoulders or dread the idea of shoulderpads coming back in style? If your shoulders are bigger than both your waist and your hips, then you’re an inverted triangle/apple!

Amazing Apples: Jennifer Hudson, Drew Barrymore Jolie, and Catherine Zeta Jones

Tips to Flatter: This is the one shape where playing up your waistline may not come off as great, in fact you probably look amazing in fitted but not waist defined dresses! And I bet you’ve got legs for days. A-line dresses and skirts will look AMAZING on you and skinny pants over flares or boot legs will be most flattering, since they’ll hug your legs! Don’t be afraid to show off your top half, either!