Bodysuits Aren't Just for Music Festivals


Y’all. I’m about a year late to this bodysuit trend, but let me tell you. I am in love. The bodysuits I had seen around me and on Instagram looked less like an article of clothing and more like a piece of mesh I should be wearing in the bedroom. I wasn’t too keen on wearing what was essentially a onesie, either. I thought most of us had outgrown that fashion. Well, now I know why our parents put us in them!

  1. Accessibility: You can just unpop those snaps on the crotch and boom. Easy access for the bathroom. It also gives you a little more coverage, should you be wearing a skirt.

  2. It stays put. I cannot stand having to readjust my blouse whenever I wear a skirt or tuck my shirt into my pants. It gets twisted and pulls out, and it has to be fixed every single time you go to the bathroom. If I could make all of my blouses into bodysuits you better bet I would.


I have seen some bodysuits without snaps, but that seems inconvenient. We all know the struggle of going to the bathroom in a one piece swimsuit, or maybe that’s just me. I have an affinity for one pieces. I digress.

Not only is this bodysuit insanely comfy, but it’s versatile. It would look great with some flares or skinny jeans. Honestly, almost any skirt would work, as well. I wouldn’t say this particular bodysuit is  quite work appropriate, but there are ones with higher necklines that would work. If you work in a slightly more casual environment, it would probably work. Just imagine the confidence you would have at work if you never had to readjust your blouse! Why you’d probably get a promotion.


What do you think of bodysuits? Are they just for hipsters at music festivals and/or clubs? Or are they the next big thing? I’m hoping that more retailers will see the advantages and create bodysuits that I can wear in public without having to say #freethenipple