Capsule #13: Shiny, Shiny Jewel Tones


Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, riding down Santa Claus lane. He's got a bag that's filled with jewelry for men and women again. Hear those diamonds bells jingle jangle, ohwhat a beautiful sight. I hope you all enjoyed my lyrical prowess. I pride myself on the songs I’ve clearly written. Now that we’re edging into December, I can finally get into the full swing of Christmas fashion AND music. Who am I kidding, that stuff has been playing since Halloween.


The gold metallic striped tee? First of all, stripes. Second, gold. Put them together and you have got a winner. This tee is a J.Crew Artist Tee, which is my favorite long sleeve tee for cut and quality. They come in basic colors and fun prints, oh and they’re 100% cotton! Y’all know I love me some cotton. That breathability does not compare.

Look 1

Wednesday Addams meets punk. This dress (get it with that 2 day Amazon shipping!) can be a tad short at times, so I layered the denim skirt over it. The distressed hem adds some oomph and edge that is always needed. Honestly, this is my take over the world outfit. #girlboss

Look 2

If yesterday was my take over the world day, today is my take over the coffee shop day. Classic black distressed jeans, an oversized sweater, and leopard flats. Could I BE any more of a blogger? On a real note, this denim is seriously budget priced but has that champagne taste. You can find them at Abercrombie frequently on sale, and they hug the booty but don’t stretch out! That perfectly elusive combo.

Look 3

But seriously, these jeans feel like pajamas. Highly, highlyyyy recommend in every single color. I love the distressing with the feminine gold stripes. It is a balancing act for sure (like your love life). I will warn that this tee is not buttery soft at first, but after a few washes it feels well-worn. The neckline is also a great cut, because it toes the line between boat and crew. Question: Why are fashion styles named after seafaring words?

Look 4

I was not sure about this, but I am loving this silhouette! I am a life-long tucker. I tuck my jeans, my shirts, my dresses, my sweaters, my hair, my tummy, my neck. You get the picture. However! Somethings just do not tuck, unless you want a very, very real muffin top. That is the quickest and least fun way to get a muffin top. The skirt just peeking out under the green sweater is comfy and cozy, and just plain chic. Very street style, if I may. What I love most is that this look is pretty attainable, without a wardrobe overhaul to be "street". Also, anyone who puts "street" in quotations is assuredly not street. AKA, me.

Look 5

I was able to appease my inner tucker once or twice this capsule, though. I now must also admit that I am a roller. I always, always roll up my sleeves. Not today. For one, it’s too dang cold. I have delicate wrists, okay? Two, I feel as if I look taller with these sleeves down. The fitted look adds some length (very slimming), and rolling or pushing up the sleeves would cut off that length, bringing me back to non-model height.

Look 6

You didn’t really think I would miss an opportunity to go Full Wednesday Addams? You’d be wrong. I did not braid my hair, because a girl does not have time. Thankfully, this dress gives off enough Wednesday vibes for me. It’s an incredible steal, too. I think our girl Weddy would be all for you rocking her style at this price. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention my brogues in half of these looks. Listen up, ladies. Menswear is NOT just for men. It isn’t fair they get the good stuff and to be comfy as hell. I would gladly be buried wearing these brogues/oxfords.

Sometimes December feels like the most appropriate time to rock jewel tones and metallic, so prep yourselves for an overload. My favorite Christmas colors (as seen above) are hunter green and gold. What’s yours? I’m also partial to some poinsettia red.

5 Items

Green Sweater (similar)

Denim Skirt

Metallic Striped Tee

Black Peter Pan Collar Dress

Black Distressed Jeans


Black Rothys Flats $20 off Coupon!

Black Brogues

Leopard Flats