Capsule #14: Ring those Bell(Sleeves)


Is there anything more cozy than a flannel shirt? Oh, man, it just makes me want to start fires. Wait…that didn’t come out right. Promise, I’m not an arsonist, but I love the smell of fire. I could light matches all day. Hey, candle industry, what we really need is a candle that smells like bonfires, not more clean cotton and vanilla cookies.


I hope you don’t get too tired of it, but you are going to be seeing this girl in bell sleeves non-stop. For my cornerstone, I chose this bell-sleeve dress. It is so soft and cozy. I want to wrap my face in it. Also, who can resist this kind of sleeve drama?! Looking like an absolutely elegant BOSS! Murder the game, not the men.

Pairing the trendy bell-sleeves with some wintery flannel and cozy leggings for a December 5x5 Capsule

Pairing the trendy bell-sleeves with some wintery flannel and cozy leggings for a December 5x5 Capsule

Look 1

What is that face? Why do I look like that? I share these ugly pics for you, my Loovelies. I’m doing that wicked hair toss, because this outfit is on point. I have a love affair with black and lace, so these black lacy tights are right up my alley. Patterned tights are a cheap way to add some pizazz to your outfit, especially around the holidays. Whenever I wear tights, I try to let them shine. So, I wear a neutral shoe (also black in this case). A shoe with lots of bells and whistles (literally or figuratively) may be too much going on.

Look 2

Hey, soooo, you guys know you can wear white in the winter, right? My trick is to tone it down with a wintery/fall color. The plaid helps even more to let the world know that, yes, you do know what season it is. Finally, I paired the white shorts and plaid flannel with some brogues. Showing this much leg outside of summer, you gotta cover up some things to balance it out. If it is truly hot where you live, try some slides, like the ever popular Steve Madden mules! I am just jonesing for a pair, baby.

Look 3

Sweet and simple wins the race. I gotta say, the exaggerated bell sleeves on this dress made me feel like a princess a la Game of Thrones, sadly without the dragons. A princess deserves princess shoes, like these truly ballet flats. I have three pairs and I am not ashamed. Jessica Simpson, you got this shoe thing, girl. This dress would also be fun with a bright, contrasting shoe.

Look 4

Monochrome doesn’t just mean black and gray, did you know that? For the longest time, I had no idea that wearing any color in various shades was monochrome. I may be hooked on this whole monochrome thing. I tied the flannel around the already defined waist of this dress, and I love how the flounce of the shirt and the skirt of the dress play together. If anything, it defines my waist even more. I wanted to keep eyes on my waistline, so I wore my ever trusty brogues for a little masculinity.

Look 5

This may be my favorite look. I cannot get over how much I like the flannel and leopard together! I think flannels and leggings is a pretty popular look, but I often see it with a grossly oversized flannel shirt. Not that there’s anything wrong with wrapping yourself in a tent, but a fitted shirt is a cleaner look that still covers that bum. I like pairing fancy flats with leggings, because it gives off the appearance that you have life together (even when you most certainly do not).

What is your favorite winter plaid? Are you into gingham? Classic plaid? Small plaid? Buffalo check? I am in the classic plaid and buffalo check camp, but I am easily swayed! Off to delve into the dangerous world of plaids and checks now…

5 Items

Flannel Plaid Shirt 

Zella Leggings

Bell Sleeve Dress (similar)

White Shorts

Black Patterned Tights


Lace-Up Heels

Leopard Flats

Ballet Style Flats

Black Brogues