Capsule #15: Holiday Glitz


I am not the type of girl to save the glitz and glam for the holidays and special occasions. So, you will see my sparkle at ALL times of the year. However, I take the holidays as an opportunity to turn it up quite a few notches. That means sequins and bold holiday colors galore. My heart is aflutter.


After that intro, how you could you not expect me to choose this sequin skirt? I am partial to shiny things, but this skirt is incredibly versatile. The midi length keeps it casual when need be, but it isn’t too long for a more cocktail occasion. If this were a sequined mini skirt, I’d be in da club (is that how kids say it?) If it were a full sequined maxi skirt, that would seriously be impossible to wear casually and not at a Cinderella ball.

Leather jackets, ripped jeans, sequin skirts, and graphic tees? What more could you need to get glam for the holidays?

Leather jackets, ripped jeans, sequin skirts, and graphic tees? What more could you need to get glam for the holidays?

Look 1

I love a good graphic tee and jeans, but pairing it with the sequin skirt is perfect. I chose a neutral stripe, but the gold also acts as a neutral so bolder colors would also work. If you’re just really dying to, you can go full glam. Glitter shoes, skirt, headband, eyeshadow. If you want to boost your self-esteem I recommend 100%. If you want to be accepted by society, I recommend 0%. Hence, why I chose to wear my beloved Rothys flats.

Look 2

This sexy little number is a faux wrap blouse from Nordstrom. The ruching on the sides makes it perfect for hiding when you had one too many snowman cookies, but still wanna be a little sexy. And I don’t know about y’all, but winter does not mean cold in the South. It’s more like 10 degrees less than hell. I get through it by wearing shirts that don’t completely suffocate me, like the cold shoulders on this one! Those ripped jeans air holes are not just for fashion. They are absolutely vital for my survival.

Look 3

It’s hard to see, but the heart stitched on this tee says, “Love made me do it”. Check out the detail on my Instagram! Whenever I wear this shirt, I always get a reaction from people. I was once told that I should cross out love and write Lust, and I wholeheartedly agree! That’s not to say that love won’t drive you crazyyy. I know my love for mashed potatoes has led to some tenuous circumstances and hangry feelings…I love this classic tee and jeans look, especially the black jeans from my new fave, Abercrombie. They’re stretchy, but not too tight. Fitted, but won’t sag after all day wear. Basically, perfect.

Look 4

In case you are literally blind, this is the exact same outfit but with a jacket. Now, this is no jacket. This is a baby butt soft leather jacket. What I love about this jacket is that it isn’t your typical moto leather jacket. It is more of a blazer look, without the collar (my pet peeve about blazers). I would feel comfortable wearing this out to a casual meal or a business casual office. You could also achieve this look on a budget with a jersey blazer in black or a fun color!

Look 5

Let’s all just take a minute to relish in this picture. First of all, I look like the glam version of barefoot and pregnant. I am barefoot, but NOT pregnant. Sorry I can’t perpetuate that southern stereotype for ya. Aside from the lack of shoes in this photo (sometimes the best picture is the weirdest picture), I love this outfit. This is definitely holiday party apropro. If you MUST wear shoes, opt for a simple heel and let the skirt do the real talking.

If you want to dress for the holidays on a budget, I would suggest choosing one piece (like the skirt) or a glitzy dress, even shoes, and changing up the neutrals you pair it with. Wear a different necklace, change shirts, pop on some tights. Doing that will reallyyyy stretch your wardrobe and you aren’t spending too much on a one-trick-pony. Go for at least a three-trick- pony.

5 Items

Sequin Skirt

Wrap Top (similar)

Black Distressed Jeans

Love Made Me Do It Tee (EXTREMELY similar)

Leather Jacket


Adidas Sneakers

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Coupon!)

Glitter Flats