Capsule #16: All Over Overalls


Nothing like a good ole fashioned country Christmas. Hot chocolate by the fire, deer antlers galore, and plaid everywhereeee. Country Christmas is not really my cup of tea, but I do like to take certain elements and work them in with modern and clean elements. That is what I tried to do with this week’s 5x5 Capsule. And if you’re new here and wondering what the heck a 5x5 Capsule is, head on over here.


I warned you, there is gonna be some country in here. Or, as my dad would say, count-reee. Thus, I chose the overalls. To me, overalls have always felt too hard to wear. I had this idea that I had to have just the right neckline and sleeve lengths to wear with it. Also, can a girl get a butt flap. Stripping down to my panties in a public bathroom is not my dream! Anyway, after this week’s outfit I learned that overalls are pretty versatile (despite the bathroom problem).

Overalls and Bell Sleeves in Wintry Jewel Tones. The perfect outfit for cutting a Christmas tree or baking cookies!

Overalls and Bell Sleeves in Wintry Jewel Tones. The perfect outfit for cutting a Christmas tree or baking cookies!

Look 1

I jumped right in to this overall game, a competition within! Underneath is a strappy silk tank top. Obviously, it does not come above the pockets or underneath the overall straps. To me, this looks like a modern and chic way to wear overalls. It isn’t a tight tee or sweater underneath, which sends me into kindergarten flashbacks. The key is that the shirt is blousy, so most importantly you can tell I am wearing a shirt. Second, it gives that pop against the mass of blue jean on your bod.

Look 2

Here it is, my little black dress. I had a TON of requirements for my LBD. It can go casual or formal. It isn’t tight/restrictive. It isn’t too short or too long as to be evening wear. It isn’t a synthetic material. It isn’t a trendy style. Alternative Apparel absolutely killed it with this dress. It’s a 100% cotton shift dress, and they have some slight variations of this dress that are shorter or longer, different neckline, curved hem, etc. It also hides wrinkles extremely well. I seriously could not recommend it more, and it’s under $50.

Look 3

Round two with our champion overalls, and I opted to fully clothe my upper half this time. I don’t know about you, but I am all OVER this bell-sleeve trend. Punny, I know. I like to try out trends with sale pieces of higher quality, just in case I happen to fall in love. Spoiler: I did. This shade of green is divine for Christmas (just don’t get lost in a Christmas tree farm). The bell sleeves and pointed toe flats help say, “Adults can wear overalls too!” I opted for a tee instead of a sweater, because hot flashes. But also because a sweater might be a tad bulky tucked in.

Look 4

For the longest time, I shied away from basic pieces because they were boring. I wanted shiny and bouncy and colorful. Well, shiny, bouncy, and colorful don’t last long or get worn twice. When I found this black tank, the angels sang. It’s the perfect fit and style for any occasion. It would look great tucked into a high-waisted skirt, but I wanted to switch it up a bit.

Look 5

Why did I never know that green and orange are an amazing color combo? Seriously, who has been hiding this from me? Also, zoom wayyy in, you creeper, on those gold buttons on the skirt? I am DEAD. I used the gold buttons as an excuse to wear my gold glitter flats. Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t wear flats and skirts. You can. You can be comfortable and not have three inch blisters from heels. You can walk on grates. #realwomenwearflats Just kidding, I’m just way too lazy to wear heels and I would bust my face.

In the summer I’ll be styling some shorter-alls for your amusement and a test of my now honed overall skills. Do you have any other hard to style items you’d like to see styled? Let me know in the comments! Join the fight in conquering one-outfit ponies!

5 Items

Bell Sleeve Tee (similar) 


Orange Skirt

Black Camisole

Black Shift Dress


Glitter Flats

Black Brogues

Low Camel Block Heels

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Off Coupon!)

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