Capsule #17: Sparkle in the New Year!


I am DEEPLY saddened that Christmas is over. I have a theory that New Year’s Eve Celebrations were invented to prevent total holiday withdrawal following Christmas. It’s a nice way to get back and motivated for work the next year and end the year with sparkle. You know I love a good sparkle. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you saw that I had outfits to carry you through the Christmas celebrations and now New Year’s. So, take some inspo from this capsule on how to be comfy and cute at allllll the parties you attend, whether it’s out and about or on your living room couch.


I love sparkle, and the metallic dress had it all for me. Alone or with a sweater or cardigan it was chic and simple, but it has just enough holiday bling. I love that it’s strappy and sleeveless, because that means no bulk when topping it off with a cardigan or using it as a skirt. If you live in a colder climate, I would opt for some fitted sleeves.

Cold shoulder sweaters and metallic dresses are perfect for taking you from Grandma's house to the Office party through Christmas and New Years! Then don't forget to relax in your jeans and tee for some downtime. You deserve it!Look 1

Sometimes all that holiday red and green can get to a girl. I am literally a walking Christmas advertisement with my red hair, so sometimes I have to tone it down with other colors. I find combining some metal accents with neutrals like white and black helps. Skirts and shiny things make me feel festive, no matter the color! This flirty circle skirt and the lace-up shirt are a great combo. I tied the laces in a bow, because, let’s face it, I am a gift to all.

Look 2

Here she is, babes! Shimmy shimmy, shinyyyy. My favorite metal is gold, because it just plays so nicely with my skintone and hair color. But, I know some of you gals are super silver, so I’m linking a similar silver dress for y’all! And you people who can wear silver and gold…I hate you. I want your skin..tone.

Look 3

Okay, okay, okay. So, this sweater is the best. It is incredibly soft. Ever felt a llama? It feels like that. I was pretty surprised to find it wasn’t wool or rabbit (good news for the vegans!). The overall style of the sweater is beautiful. Puffed sleeves with a fitted wrist and cold shoulders?! In theory, it sounds like too much, but it works out beautifully. I felt like a ballerina warming up for class, ya know, in her jeans. P.S. peep me in third position in that photo.

Look 4

Oops I did it againnnn. That’s the only Britney song I know, and it applies to every situation, especially when I did it again with an excellent outfit! More like the designers did it again with some excellent clothing, though. When you have to go to Grandma’s for Christmas dinner and you gotta cover those shoulders, pop on a sweater over your holiday dress. You still have the bling factor, but appropriate for the elderly and not in danger of causing in heart attacks (because you’re so hot!)

Look 5

Finally, after all that holiday prep and celebration, it is done. You get to be comfy. These are my trusty Madewell jeans in skinny. I like the skinny fit sometimes, because it has a little more room than the super skinny fit. I did a half-tuck with the lace-up tee, so I can fool the world. Who knows if it’s untucked for fashion or because you just rolled out of bed? The world will never know!

I hope you’re excited about the New Year! I know I am. 2017 has been an absolute whirlwind of change and growth. I can definitely say this has been my toughest year, but I feel much, much stronger because of it. Let me know how your 2017 went in the comments!

5 Items

Metallic Dress (similar)

Cold Shoulder Sweater

Lace-Up Tee (similar)

Madewell Jeans

Black Circle Skirt


Lace-Up Heels

Ballet Flats w/ Ankle Straps

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Off Coupon)

Low Block Heel in Camel