Capsule #18: I'm Bringin' Sexy (Pants) Back


2018. Man, I could hardly believe I was typing that out. How long ago were the 90s again?! Because you know it feels like only six or seven years, so it is scientifically impossible that it was almost 20 years ago, right? Must be all these 90s trends coming back to life that have me confused, surely it is not because I’m getting old.


For this week’s 5x5 Capsule, I choose these crazy, wacky pants. Y’all remember gauchos? Talk about a throwback to absolute horror. I blame our parents. It was their responsibility to stop us from looking like fools, but nah. They let us express ourselves “creatively”. Okay, so after that tangent of hatred, these pants are basically gauchos. Gauchos had a redeeming factor: their comfort. I always felt kinda fancy in that swishy fabric, but that roll top waist did us no favors. These have a more defined waist, pockets!, and a plisse fabric that is definitely adult.

Keep it casual and chic with some wide leg pants and a chambray shirt. Throw on a midi dress or a knit top to take it up a notch and keep you rockin' this New Year!

Keep it casual and chic with some wide leg pants and a chambray shirt. Throw on a midi dress or a knit top to take it up a notch and keep you rockin' this New Year!

Look 1

This first photo is me, looking to the heavens for help in the New Year. I’m trying to kill this fashion game, but the rest of my life needs some help too. If you’ve been following along for a while now, you’ll know that I love to tie up my button-down shirts. I thought I would try something different and leave it untied this time. It’s alright. It’s not blowing me out of the water, and I think I should try this again with a shorter dress underneath. The bonus to wearing a button down over a dress is that you can take it off when you’re hot, or put it on when you’re cold.

Look 2

See, this is what an adult in wide-leg pants looks like. Not a child in gauchos (that name, why?) and a Bobby Jack Monkey t-shirt. I snagged this camisole from Abercrombie, and it has lace trimming on the neckline. This adds some detailing to make it less plain and less like it should be worn as an undershirt. A fitted camisole looks like underwear, a flowy camisole does not. Now you know!

Look 3

Let us talk about this dress. It’s cotton. I love everything cotton, but cotton balls and q-tips. It’s embroidered. It has flowers. It’s black. It has a side slit. I am all the way in, head over heels for this dress! My style is a little grunge mixed with femininity, so I sometimes wear clunky shoes like these brogues with dresses. Shoes that cover your whole foot look a little more appropriate than open flats with long dresses. This is because there is a clear separation between leg and foot. Make sense?

Look 4

I’m bringing sexy (pants) back, them other girls don’t know how to act, yeah. The waist on these pants is just mean for tucking. It looks great with a fitted knit shirt like this one or a flowy shirt like the camisole in look 2. I love not being restricted to only one silhouette, because your closet should work for your body and your taste every day, not just the days that one shirt is clean.

Look 5

Remember how I wanted to try this shirt untied? I love it in this outfit! What makes it work here is that my waist is defined where the shirt is tucked. The first outfit simply had too much fabric and coverage and no definition anywhere. There either needed to be less coverage (shorter dress) or a defined waist. Again with the layers in this look too! Removable layers are essential in the South, and by removable I mean, if you take it off, you won’t ruin your outfit. Who else has suffered through a hot office because your jacket completed the outfit?

I am trying to get myself pumped up for this new year. I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to have resolutions the very first day, but I like to come up with a few things to work on or just be aware of. This year I want to be aware of others in my life and spending time with them. I can be pretty reclusive at times, and I want to engage more with my family and friends. What are you wanting to work on in 2018?

5 Items

Knit Fitted High Neck Tank

Wide-Leg Pants (Not Gauchos!)

Chambray Button-Down

White Lace Trim Cami

Embroidered Midi Dress (similar)


Glitter Flats

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Off Coupon!)

Black Oxfords

Adidas Sneakers