Capsule #19: Swing [Dresses] in the New Year


I’m slowly starting to get back into the swing of things. It takes me a while to reset from the busyness of the holidays, and honestly sometimes I just miss having lots to do. We need more spontaneous get togethers with the holiday spirit! I’ve always hated that holidays are the main times people make an effort to see loved ones. There’s like…ten other months too, guys. If you feel that same way, it’s up to us to break the cycle! Speaking of breaking the cycle, check out my post on why I’m going comfy chic this year and all the new years to come.


There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans. I was hella opposed to dark denim for the longest time. That’s what black pants are for, right? Wrong. Turns out, dark wash denim is super versatile and it makes you look like a fancier, put together person. Whoda thunk? I did not thunk. These are my favorite pair from Madewell, which is my go to for classic jeans.

Swing your way into comfortable fashion this year with a swing dress from Madewell and a pair of classic dark jeans. Throw in some florals and a cami top, and you've got an entirely new comfy chic wardrobe.

Swing your way into comfortable fashion this year with a swing dress from Madewell and a pair of classic dark jeans. Throw in some florals and a cami top, and you've got an entirely new comfy chic wardrobe.

Look 1

P.S. this is like the first time my hair has been in a ponytail for a year or more. A bad hair decision did me wrong…I am not typically a tunic person. I’m not going to say never, but I usually don’t like tunics or wearing shorter dresses with jeans. To get around that, I like to knot the side of the dress, like I did here. This looks less frumpy to me and like a style choice, not a style “My legs were cold so I put on pants”.

Look 2

This dress is beautiful, and I love it. It may be going away in my new life of comfy chic, so I had to give it a going away party. It is a gorgeous dress, but something about polyester on a summer dress drives me UP the WALL. I wore this thing with no straps so I would stay cool, but this clinging fabric and sweaty pits tell a different story! If you’re having trouble tossing pieces like this, wear them. This will remind you of why you never want to wear them again, no matter how gorgeous.

Look 3

Now here’s some pieces that can stay. My jeans, low block heels, and this tie-shoulder cami. Everything is breathable and comfy, but most importantly, they all fit. The shoes stay on my feet. The jeans don’t sag. Oh, and that shirt is adjustable with the ties. I am a new woman of comfort!

Look 4

Anyone else surprised to learn that you can wear black and blue together? Just me? Cool. I think I equated dark denim with navy, which it sometimes is. The trick is to find a bright dark denim wash, like these. This is so you can see the contrast between theblack shirt and denim, rather than trying to figure out if that girl is wearing a mismatched black/navy denim romper. I slipped on my leopard flats to liven things up a bit.

Look 5

This dress is a classic from Madewell, and it isn’t always in stock. However, it has stayed throughout the years, albeit in different colors. That should tell you how good it is. Some swing dresses are more like tents, aka not flattering. This one clings in the chest and doesn’t have so much fabric that you could fit a toddler inside. I don’t know, maybe you have kids and that’s an important feature for you. In that case, buy a tent (dress). Another thing I love about the dress is the scoop neck. All these high necks lately have me gasping for air and struggling to fit them over my moderately sized head!

This capsule is the start of comfort, and I can already see some key pieces. What are your go-to pieces for comfort? I am on the lookout for dresses or other items that are formal and comfy. Much harder to find than you’d think. I will keep you updated, as I am planning a post on this topic as soon as I have some answers!

5 Items

Floral Midi Dress (similar)

Dark Madewell Jeans

Tie-Shoulder Tank 

Madewell Fig Swing Dress

Black Everlane Tee Blouse


Leopard Flats

Lace-Up Heels

Black Oxfords

Low Block Heels