Capsule #20: Utility Style for Life


Hey, Lovelies have you heard? This new year is changing things up on Laurie Loo. First off, we’re going to be realistic. No more outfits that I would only wear under certain circumstances. This is going to be real life all the time from now on. Next thing: I want my life to be comfortable. In a couple of weeks I’m going to be doing a purge of everything I own that I don’t wear for some comfort reason or another. Starting with this capsule, it’s all comfy all the time. I never believed that beauty is pain, anyway.


I tell ya, that denim skirt was killing it! I have a similar denim skirt, but it was squeezing a tube of cookie dough to get in that thing. This is a soft, stretchy utility style skirt. My personal style is a little more edgy than what I would normally consider a mom skirt, but apparently moms know what they’re doing. You can make your style with a few statement pieces rather than an entire statement outfit. Trust me, that one took a long time to learn.

Utility skirts, jackets, shirts, everything! Whether you need Utility for your realistic lifestyle or just for fun, I've got you covered with this capsule including striped dresses, denim skirts, plain white tees, and a camo jacket. Look 1

I’m trying to get more comfortable with loose, flowy clothing. Not everything has to be tucked or skin tight. The only style rules are your rules. Let me say that again for you, write it down, tack it up on your mirror. The only style rules are your rules. My rule is comfortable and accessible. My idea of fun is not having to move like Barbie and be perpetually tip-toeing. Hence, why I opted for my favorite Adidas sneakers (although I’m looking for more if you have suggestions!). The skirt paired with my Everlane drop shoulder tee? Perfection. My top was loose, but it fit the silhouette of the skirt. So, it didn’t overwhelm a non-fitted skirt with an overly flowing shirt. Make sense?

Look 2

I know what you’re saying, ummm Lauren isn’t it January. Girl, it is, but would you mind telling Mother Nature? Apparently she hasn’t gotten the memo for oh, I don’t know, the last twenty years. The South is in her ever changing glory of 30 degrees at sunrise and 70 by noon. This dress does me well, because the extremely voluminous skirt wraps up cold legs but is also breathable. Don’t miss out seeing the back detail on my Instagram @thelaurieloo.

Look 3

Edging it on up in this outfit. I know moms make some hella good comfy choices, but the skirt alone isn’t particularly my style (no offense to all you hot moms out there). So, my spin was to add a classic black tank and the ONE statement piece, my white boots. Good Lord, these boots are my holy grail. White patent leather, side detailing, pointy toe, I’m in fake cowgirl heaven.

Look 4

If you’ve never played that game where you compare two pictures to find the differences, here’s your chance. Compare Outfit 3 and Outfit 4. I’ll wait. You done? Okay, the answer is the shoes and the jacket! Boy, you’ve got a sharp eye. I changed up my statement piece to the camo jacket this time, which is why opted for the simpler flats, my Rothys. I live in these shoes. Seriously. All the comfort of sneakers without the weight or the gym smell.

Look 5

On those days it does dare to stay cold for a bit, I like to pop a fun jacket on over my summer appropriate outfits. I don’t own many jackets, but I’m looking to change that! I loved that I could adjust the waist of the jacket, one of many reasons I love utility jackets. This way, my waist was still accentuated by both the dress and the jacket. Green, black, and white, is one of my favorite color palettes, if you haven’t noticed from oh you know, my entire blog!

Are you changing anything up with your style this year? Going for more? Less? As long as it’s you, I approve! Although, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to take risks! Some of my favorite pieces and outfits have come from small risks I’ve taken. One stylish step at a time.

5 Items

Denim Utility Skirt

White Everlane Shirt 

Striped Midi Dress (similar)

Black Tank Top 

Camo Jacket


White Boots

White Adidas Sneakers 

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code!)