Capsule #23: Tees are the Bee's Knees


It is February!! I adore February, because it’s my birthday month! My birthday is on the 12th and I just narrowly escaped the fate of having combined birthday and Valentine’s Day presents. There should never ever be a holiday when someone is gipped presents. All my Christmas babies, I feel for you. The one good thing is the extra holiday cheer around your birthday. I just like to think they’re all excited about celebrating me, because who wouldn’t be?!


Did you hear the news? A little BEE told me! This sequin embroidered bee t-shirt is the best. I love a good ¾ length sleeve shirt and you added stripes and embellishments? Why, I just might faint (read in your best Scarlett O’Hara voice). Target’s new line “A New Day” has really hit it out of the park in terms of affordability and quality. I’ve washed the shirt a few times, and there has been no shrinking or pilling. Just remember to turn the shirt inside out to protect the embellishments.

Girl in pink shirt, sparkle skirt, jeans, gray sweater, and cardigan

Girl in pink shirt, sparkle skirt, jeans, gray sweater, and cardigan

Look 1

With all the weather changing, sometimes I just need a cozy look. This sweater isn’t too oversized, but it has just enough fabric to cuddle up in and some cashmere for extra luxe. The oversized top and fitted bottom style rule is a rule for a reason; it works! Little detail tip: roll up your jean hems once or twice to add some intentionality to your outfit. It also helps to show a little skin, when the rest of you is bundled up.

Look 2

Holy mother of glitter, can you worship a skirt? I have been on the hunt for the perfect sparkle skirt, but with specific qualifications for ultimate comfiness. This skirt hits all the marks, and I am now a forever fan of Club Monaco. Baby, those prices are WELL worth it. The skirt is uber soft, no scratchy glitter, and the waist band is elastic. I guess I’m just an old lady, but tight zip-up skirts make my stomach hurt! I also love how the shine in this skirt plays so well with the bee detailing on the tee.

Look 3

It always, always surprises me how much one item can change an outfit. The t-shirt and jeans would have made a great albeit predictable outfit. However, when I add the tie-waist cardigan(another Club Monaco winner) it’s totally different. Now my waist is defined and that pink detail really pops against the neutral gray. This is a good lesson on how shirts that may be a statement piece, because of embellishments or certain details, can be worn in more than one way. Even different cardigans and changing out the bottoms could give you a great variety of looks.

Look 4

Remember that rule I mentioned earlier? The one about how one fitted piece and one oversized piece is a rule for a reason? Well….ever heard that rules are made to be broken? While I firmly believe that rules are there to help, they can also make you try the opposite and find a new personal style rule! This skirt is flowy and the top is flowy, but I’m going to tell you why it works. Texture. That’s it. The pleating and the glitter texture in comparison to the smooth, woven sweater work because they balance each other out. You have to have balance in some way, whether it be fit, texture, color, etc.

Look 5

Here is our favorite predictable outfit, no shame, ladies. This is how I’m comfortable. Skinny jeans, t-shirt, and my Rothys. Just because an outfit is predictable doesn’t mean it is bad. This is a classic and clean look that is appropriate almost anywhere. If this was your style uniform (some days it is mine!), you would be hella polished and the envy of all of the yoga moms. Not that you yoga moms aren’t rocking it in your lululemon at the wine bars.

I’m really starting to get in the hang of things with having a totally comfortable wardrobe. I’m still working on getting rid of pieces that aren’t practical for me, and I will be keeping you guys updated! Do you prioritize comfort over fashion? Fashion over comfort? Let me know in the comments!

5 Items

Bee T-Shirt

Sparkle Skirt

Dark Skinny Madewell Jeans

Gray Sweater

Tie-Waist Cardigan


Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code!)

Lace-Up Heels