Capsule #24: Love Made Me Do It


What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Is it a scam? Is it a celebration of love? Is it an opportunity to get some sweet heart-shaped chocolates? Cue me raising my hand for the chocolates. But, only that farm-fresh gluten, dairy, and taste free chocolate, because, ya know, I’m a millennial. I like to incorporate this season of love into other areas of life like my clothing, with a little pink, a little red, and maybe a little snarky saying about love.


What says love better than a pair of overalls? What I’m really saying in these overalls is that I either grew up in the 80s/90s or I’m a farmer with a sense of style. P.S. if there’s any stylish farmers out there, tell me your secret to going to the bathroom in these things! Help us! Besides the bathroom inconvenience, overalls are pretty dang great. I love seeing what kinds of looks I can get out of them. My true goal is to one day make a formalwear overall outfit…a girl can dream.

Girl in silver skirt, green tank, overalls, black flats, and chambray shirt

Girl in silver skirt, green tank, overalls, black flats, and chambray shirt

Look 1

This outfit is a great example of how to make a more formal item (the silver skirt) much more casual. A good chambray shirt can make almost any outfit more casual. While this look would be great in most seasons, I added black Rothys flats to keep it winterized. In the summer, I would probably wear some sandals.

Look 2

I love playing with how to wear overalls and rocking an off the shoulder lookwith one the straps is a way to add an intentionally messy detail. I keep the button still hooked, because it looks more polished and the strap isn’t flopping around all day. I get enough flopping with the bangs in my eyes! I could also see throwing on the chambray shirt over this outfit, if it was a chillier day. Lord knows we can’t predict the weather in the next hour down here.

Look 3

This was my Valentine’s Day date night outfit…with myself. I had a really good time sitting on my couch alone…with chocolate…and Netflix. I kid, I kid. I was alone, but it was a glorious night of self-care and luxury, which is truly the best kind of date night! In case you can’t read the patch on that shirt (check out the detail shot on my Instagram @thelaurieloo) it says “Love Made Me Do it”, which is THE most perfect slogan for Valentine’s Day. Oh, the things I’ve done for love.

Look 4

UGHHHH stripes and overalls! Send me to heaven, because I’m in my happy place. I like that I was able to hide the patch on the tee with the overalls. It feels like a totally different shirt! Boy, if I was on Farmers Only…I would be living it up on a farm for sure if those farmers saw me in this outfit. Lets be real though, I’m only dressing this cute for the cows.

Look 5

Okay, hear me out. I was surprised by this outfit. Are you? I was not expecting the olive green and the silver to work so well together. I would normally complement olive green with gold, because that combo is a Warm Fall’s dream! Forget about all those other scientifically-founded personality tests, all you need to know is your season. I’m not sure a brighter green would work as well. Who knew there were so many shades of green! Mother Nature apparently…

Do you know your color season? I’ve taken dozens of online tests (who hasn’t?!), and they all seem to agree that I am a Warm Fall. So, that’s definitely all the scientific proof you need. Trust me. If you know how the scientific process works from the 4th grade, you can just ignore that. I am definitely all the proof you need. Forget those college statistics! If you know your color season or have a good guess, let me know! I love seeing how you guys incorporate your colors into your wardrobe.

5 Items

Silver Skirt

Chambray Shirt

Olive Green Tank

Love Made Me Do It Tee



Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code)