Capsule #26: Denim & Stripes Extravaganza


Warning: Before you go any further, be aware that this week’s capsule contains a Canadian Tuxedo. Proceed with caution. How do you feel about Canadian Tuxedos? Only for Canada and the eighties? I am of the mindset that if the fit is right, it can look really chic. If, that’s a big if, you get everything right the outfit is more impactful, because most people know it is hard to pull off.


I’m going with a pair of shoes for what I think is the very first time! If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that I love my glitter flats. Well, they really shone (pun intended) in this week’s capsule. I felt like they added some much needed flair to otherwise basic outfits. Ain’t nothing wrong with a good, basic outfit, but a little oomph can push it over the edge.

Girl in chambray shirt, striped dresses, white boots, ripped jeans, and orange tank top

Girl in chambray shirt, striped dresses, white boots, ripped jeans, and orange tank top

Look 1

I won’t make you wait for that Canadian Tux. I like to call this my denim penguin outfit. I think I pulled it off pretty well, and I’ll tell you why. One, the wash of the denim shirt and jeans are totally different washes. You cannot wear two acid-washed items and expect to look great. Second, The denim shirt nips in a bit at the waist and gives me a feminine silhouette. Three, the rips in the jeansbreak up all of the denim just enough to not overwhelm the eye. And of course, I threw on my glitter flats.

Look 2

This is a tee-shirt dress from Old Navy that I cannot get over. Y’all she is as thick as a bowl of oatmeal. Talk about never wrinkles and lays just right?? That is so hard to find in a true tee dress. I’m very nit-picky about sleeves, and these sleeves don’t flare out at the shoulder because they’re so short. They are fitted, but not squeeze your deodorant out fitted.

Look 3

I wish you could see better in this picture, but the sides of this orange tank are actually slit! It is breeze-town up in here. As spring creeps ever closer, I feel comfortable adding in some brighter and sometimes traditionally fall colors, like this orange tank. I think in the future, I would have paired it with dark non-ripped jeans to make it more seasonally appropriate. Although, I don’t know how to be seasonally appropriate in a place where seasons don’t exist. Sigh.

Look 4

This is a different dress, I swear! Get realllll close and personal with your phone, and see that thestripes are blue and gold, and it is a little longer than the black/white striped dress. And no, this is not the dress test craze of what color you see! I don’t want to drive you lovelies crazy. This is another tee dress from Old Navy but in regular sizing. This is a more work-appropriate length compared to the petite size of the black and white dress. If you’re under 5’4”, I would keep that in mind.

Look 5

I honestly thought I was in love with chambray before, but this darker version might win my heart over. I apologize if you see it in every single post from here on out. It just goes SO well in my wardrobe. It is that perfect denim blue you can never actually find in jeans. And those white boots?!Man, that is what really set this outfit apart for me. Flats would have been fine, but the boots are WOW!

What item in your closet just gives you that “WOW” factor? Right now, it would be my white boots, but it changes! Sometimes I don’t realize something is wow until its paired with the right outfit. Our wardrobes are like a never ending puzzle, and I do love me a good puzzle.

5 Items

Black and White Striped Dress (very similar from Old Navy)

Blue/Gold Striped Dress (similar from Old Navy)

Dark Chambray Shirt 

Abercrombie Simone Jeans 

Burnt Orange Tank 


White Boots 

Gold Glitter Flats