Capsule #27: How to rock Utility Jackets with anything


Boy, this year keeps MARCHing on doesn’t it? I know, I’m the punniest person you know. If you can’t handle all these puns you can take your humorless life and go elsewhere! I kid, I kid. I’m one of like three people on earth who loves puns, but that doesn’t stop me in. With that said, let’s march right into this week’s capsule.


This one was a toughie. What to choose, what to choose. I think I am going to have to go with the khaki utility jacket. Not because I wore it the most times, I didn’t. It’s just so dang versatile. I was able to pair it with a casual tee dress and also with more formal slacks. I love utility jackets for this reason, and I found the best ones! Old Navy offers an insane amount of colors, they’re extremely well-made, and they cost under $50! Even better, you can usually snag a sale and get them for under $30! I’m seriously planning on stocking up as soon as I get some money…

Girl in striped dress, khaki pants, khaki utility jacket, jeans, and white t shirt

Girl in striped dress, khaki pants, khaki utility jacket, jeans, and white t shirt

Look 1

It hurts my soul that you can’t see the delicate gold stripes on this shirt. They are super thin, but it looks amazing in person. This is another Club Monaco find and it has such a good weight. I’ve found myself outgrowing thin t-shirts in favor of more structured ones like these. I never thought I would be wearing slacks for funsies either, but here we are. Shout out to BR for being the best retailer for petite pants. Keep doing you boo boo.

Look 2

Is Old Navy ever bad? I’ll answer that question for you: yes. A lot. But not this time. If you are very picky about what you buy from Old Navy, you can find some incredibly priced gems, like this t-shirt dress that I now own in approximately seven colors. They are cycled through the season, so you may have to wait until closer to summer to find short sleeve and sleeveless ones. The wait is worth it! This is another one of those thicker pieces. The only downfall is that the petite is like REAL petite in length. It’s fine when you are standing, not so much when sitting. I bought my other colors in regular and they are a more appropriate length.

Look 3

I am finallyyy breaking out the sandals! I call these my Jesus sandals, cause me and Jesus like to rock some slip on sandals with a little bling. I love finding cropped shirts like this one to go with my high-waisted jeans. I feel like the fashion world is finally starting to figure out that high waists and cropped shirts are just plain flattering! Please don’t take this away from us.

Look 4

Can you see how short the dress is in this picture?? I’m 5’3” y’all. I am not an Amazon and those legs look longgg. All I can say is…it’s certainly breezy down there. Real breezy with a high chance of unintended flashing. Also, show of hands, do I look like a founding father with my hair in a ponytail? If you can’t see, I have both of my hands up. It’s unanimous. Never again.

Look 5

Warning: This look is not for everyone. Personally, I love monochrome looks. Not everyone does, but I think that mostly has to do with the fact that it’s not as easy as it looks. Black is fine, we all do that. Other colors? Way harder. Here’s my tips. Monochrome does not mean the same exact shade and texture of every piece. Please no. This is not JT circa 2000 American Music Awards. In this outfit, it’s wooly pants that are a shade or two darker than the smooth canvas jacket. The white top with gold detailing is in the same color family but much lighter. I made sure to wear black flats for some added contrast.

How do you feel about monochrome looks? Cause this probably is going to happen again. Soon. You’ll learn to love it. I promise. Remember how your mom said you would learn to love broccoli and you still hate it? Yeah, it’s nothing like that. I don’t lie like your mom 😉

5 Items

T Shirt Dress

Khaki Utility Jacket

Khaki Slacks 

High Waisted Jeans 

White/Gold Top (similar)


Black Flats 

Double Strap Sandals