Capsule #28: What NOT to do when Wearing Monochrome Outfits


Soooo, if you were here last week you may remember how I said that the monochrome look would be back on the blog? Well, I’m true to my word! It’s here, whether you love it or not. This time, it’s in full force. Are you ready? This is a completely monochrome One Week Wardrobe! I only dressed in shades of blue for one week, and I may have struck gold.


Y’all know I’m a fan of my high-waisted jeans, but these are by FAR the best pair I own. These are the Abercrombie Simone jeans. I love love love. I wish I wasn’t poor poor poor so I could buy more more more. They’re just so dang comfy and stretchy y’all. I give you my lazy word they don’t stretch out. And I would know, because I wear them constantly.

Girl in distressed jeans, jean shorts, jean jacket, blue cold shoulder top, blue tank top, monochrome

Girl in distressed jeans, jean shorts, jean jacket, blue cold shoulder top, blue tank top, monochrome

Look 1

I decided to just go for it all on day one. Monochrome and Canadian tuxedo?? Is this possible? It’s possible I killed it! I like this outfit, but I don’t love it. Overall, it looks good. The light blue tank is lightweight and is super casual tucked into the jeans. My problem is the jean jacket. I think I would have loved this look if the jean jacket had been an ever so slightly different color. This one almost has a brown tinge to it? It’s hard to describe, but I think a truer, darker blue wash would be perfect. Definitely going on my shopping list.

Look 2

It’s casj. These are another fave of mine, my American Eagle distressed shorts. Do you know how hard it is to find shorts that are not for old ladies but not for teens? It’s either Bermuda shorts (GAG) or shorts that are all up in my bits. Shockingly it was American Eagle, a seller of shorts that get up in your bits but also shorts that cover your bits. I also want to point out the neckline on this tank. See how narrow it is? I love it. It covers my bra straps and my up top bits without being too covered up.

Look 3

I really gotta do a poll on this whole cold-shoulder trend. Do you think we’ll look back in 10 years and wonder why the hell we were cutting shoulders out of clothing? Probably. In the meantime, I’m totally cool with it. If you know me, you know I absolutely loathe off-the-shoulder tops. How am I supposed to get anything done with my sleeves sliding up one way and down the other?!! I feel like cold shoulder tops are a compromise for people who are not mannequins that can keep their off the shoulder tops actually off the shoulder.

Look 4

Fun fact: It was my mother who forced me to get a jean jacket. This is the very first one I have ever owned, because I’ve had too many 2000s flashbacks to jean jackets with gauchos and headbands that had ribbons oh god make it stop. I have the same problem with the color of the jacket in this outfit. I love how the dark blue of the cold-shoulder top pops and complements the lighter-wash shorts. I’m definitely glad I tried out this whole jean jacket thing, but I think this particular one is not the one for me.

Look 5

Cold Shoulder goes casual. If you work in a more business casual office, cold shoulder tops would be a great piece to try out for a little fun. Most of them are pretty modest, like this one from the queen of business casual: LOFT. I’m curious to try this style with a pattern, because I’m not sure how good it will look. If you have any with a pattern send me pics!

Okay, be honest. How many times did you want to compare me to the Britney and Justin jean suit debacle? I had to resist the urge at least ten times writing this post. But, I did it better, right? RIGHT? I really did love this monochrome look, despite my jean jacket probs. I want to try it again with another color, any suggestions?

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