Capsule #29: How to mix Boho style with Grunge


Y’all this whole spring thing is happening and I’m a mess. I need pollen to contain itself and not make us all suffer? I mean, save the bees and all, but save my sinuses too!


This whole month it has been so hard to choose the cornerstone of each capsule. Some weeks I have pieces that are workhorses and I wear three or four times, so it’s obvious. These past few weeks I’ve been mixing it up a lot with some different pieces. This time, I choose the tan flats! These are by Jessica Simpson, a name I never thought I would say with praise. Reason one: the comfort. Reason two: the cute. These have an elastic lace-up detail that is so comfy and doesn’t rub on your feet but adds a fun detail. Oops you did it again J.Simp. Wait, that’s Britney. Mixing up my blondes.

Girl in black shorts, purple free people shirt, sweater dress and chambray dress

Girl in black shorts, purple free people shirt, sweater dress and chambray dress

Look 1

This is one expensive outfit, let me tell you. This lilac top is my very first Free People item. When I first came across this brand in my innocent teens, I saw the name on a sign outside of a shop and was SHOCKED. I was outraged that someone was just giving away people for free! That’s not even a joke, y’all. Once I realized people were not being sold and the next Civil War was not on the verge, I saw the prices and noped out of there real quick. Well baby, I’m back.

Look 2

This chambray dressis a summer staple for me. It’s lyocell or tencel, one of these fancy lightweight fabrics. So, it’s incredibly lightweight and breezy and manages not to look like a tent on me. Normally, I wear it with black flats or sandals, but I decided to try it out with those J.Simp tan flats. Guys, I love it. I think one reason I love these flats so much is that the elastic laces are kind of sandal-like, but I don’t have to suffer the actual pain of sandals that allow sand and rocks into your every toe crevice.

Look 3

Tried this outfit on. Hated it. Looked in the mirror, hated it some more. Took my pictures, liked it slightly better. It’s growing on me. I had originally tried the Free People lilac top with the chambray dress, and that was BAD. I tried it on a whim over this sweater dress and trust me when I say this is a major improvement. Since the Free People top is So boho and flowy, it needed to be paired with a little more structure like the sweater dress. The tan flats also keep it from going too far over the hippie line of no vaccines and kombucha.

Look 4

This sweater dress has now been around long enough to be a Laurie Loo classic. I probably wear it once a month, and I do not apologize. I know that’s not exactly the way of the fashion blogger world, but I try to keep it real, no offense babes. It was a Target find last year that is no longer available, but I scrounged up some pretty good dupes for ya!

Look 5

This is probably my second favorite outfit in the whole capsule this week. The first is definitely the black shortswith the lilac FP top. Taking it less boho and more classic grunge, I paired this sparkle sweatshirt (On Sale!) with my black Madewell shorts. I cannot recommend the shorts from Madewell enough. They are my go-to for high-waisted shorts that fit in all the right places and last a lifetime. This sweatshirt is a major win from my first Trunk Club! Okay, not my first but my first after quitting the service and coming back and realizing the problem was me. More on that another day! In short, I highly recommend Trunk Club, and I have a discount code for you lovelies right here.

I sort of felt like this capsule was all over the place but looking back it wasn’t. I was just able to get more unique looks than usual, which is definitely the wonder of the One Week Wardrobe. I am almost never bored with my closet now or crying over having nothing to wear. It is nothing short of a miracle.

5 Items

Sweater Dress

Free People Lilac Top

Sparkle Sweatshirt 

Black Shorts 

Chambray Dress (similar)


Laceless Black Oxfords

Jessica Simpson Tan Flats