Capsule #30: Can You Really Layer in the Summer?


So, I know how the calendar still says spring and all buttttt I guess the South doesn’t know how to tell time. Summer is on in full-force down here. Don’t get me wrong, we will have approximately one and a half days of weather that drops into the 40s and 50s and makes us all sick and exhausted. Then we will enter into summer. It’s a way of life that I have yet to be prepared for, every. single. year.


I make this joke any chance I get, but boy, those Madewell shorts sure are well-made! No one else thinks I’m hilarious. It’s the truth, though. I have yet to need to replace any denim bought from Madewell. I get my jean shorts from various places, but I exclusively buy high-waisted shorts from Madewell. There’s a balance to find to make you not look like a mom from the eighties with a flat booty and a visor with puffy paint. Madewell has found that balance, and I am a loyal consumer every since.

Girl in floral maxi dress, gray tee, jean shorts, and green pencil skirt

Girl in floral maxi dress, gray tee, jean shorts, and green pencil skirt

Look 1

I think we can all agree that layering pretty much goes out of the window when its summer. I don’t know who these people are who are wearing cute cardigans and jeans in bright colors and calling it summer layers. Clearly, you never leave your air-conditioned home. However, layers add interest and make more outfits, so I’ve been desperately trying to figure out how to do this in the summer. Now, I’ve got it. This dress. It is not just a dress, it is also a very very lightweight duster when unbuttoned! Not to mention you can get it on Amazon in two days?! This is all of my summer drama dreams coming true. I promise you can wear this in the summer, from the girl who cannot stand to wear clothing when it is above 80 degrees.

Look 2

Can I be attracted to myself? Cause I am in this photo. I now know what Beyonce meant when she said she was feeling herself. I got thisstretchy knit top from Abercrombie that is clingy without being suffocating. This emerald tulip skirt…oh boy. There is one hilarious story here, but you’ll have to check out my Instagram @thelaurieloo for that one!

Look 3

See how in this outfit I was able to resist the urge to wear legwarmers and scrunchies in my hair? That is the power of a pair of high-waisted shorts done right. By the way, this knit top I’m wearing is not a halter top. It sort of looks that way in pictures, but the straps extend to the back. Ain’t nobody wanting a halter top and a hunchback. I had to add my glitter flats to this outfit, because I was sorely missing some sparkle in my life.

Look 4

Nothing wrong with the classics. I try to do at least one classic outfit a week, because it’s just so easy and comfortable. This gray U neck tee from Everlane will be getting a lot of wear now that it’s warmer. I cannot resist anything cotton. I was serious when I said that I want to do a strip show when it gets to 80 degrees. So, cotton and me get along real well.

Look 5

Honestly, if you haven’t scooped this dress up already shame on you. I have to brag on it just a little more. Did I mention it comes in about 20 more colors, patterns, and lengths? It has a fitted waist that is stretchy and will adjust to that summertime ice cream bloat. You can wear it as a dress or a duster in any season. Yeah. Start running. I myself only have one but will soon be spending my life savings on more.

Although I really really hate the heat, I do love the colors that come out in the summer. I’ve almost driven off the road a few times trying to figure out what kinds of flowers are blooming in people’s yards. No regrets. My favorite flowers are tulips and then peonies and sometimes carnations. Oh, and poppies. And probably a million more, just no roses. What’s your favorite flower(s)?

5 Items

Floral Maxi Dress

Gray Tee

High Waisted Shorts

Knit Gray Top (extremely similar)

Green Skirt (similar)


Glitter Flats 

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code!)