Capsule #31: Why Classic Outfits aren't Boring


So, Easter was this week. Does anyone else think that God literally played the biggest April Fool’s joke on us ever? Jokes on y’all! He’s alive! And We’ll do this every year! God hitting us with that long-con joke. I apologize if anyone is upset by my joking, but I think we could all stand to take things a little less seriously and realize that God has an awesome sense of humor.


Aw, man. Do I have to choose? I would classify this capsule as a classics capsule (with one bright light). There is not a THING wrong with classics, but it makes it hard to choose when everything is so good! If I absolutely had to choose my favorite piece for this week, the award would go to my trusty Madewell jeans. They’re just such a go-to quality pair of denimthat are perfectly broken in.

Girl in lightwash jeans, red floral maxi, utility skirt, lace-up tee and black oxfords

Girl in lightwash jeans, red floral maxi, utility skirt, lace-up tee and black oxfords

Look #1

I don’t think I have ever loved a t-shirt more than this black Everlane drop-shoulder tee. To be able to wear a t-shirt and still look put-together like a real adult is my dream that has now been realized. The longer sleeve length and quality fabric is what sets it apart from other tees. You can see in the other outfits how the slightly shorter cap sleeve on the white tee is more casual.

Look #2

Here she is, ladies and gents and puppies. The bright light. I will forever be amazed that I can wear red clothing. YEARS of horror and avoidance, all for naught. If you’re a fellow ginger, I cannot give you the key. The problem is the different shades of red hair. For me, what works is a red with orange tints. Darker, maroon or blood reds just blend with my hair and it is not a good look. An extra style tip for maxi dresses like this is to tie them up on one side to break up pattern and massive amount of fabric. It gives the eye a place to rest, instead of a voluminous tent flapping in the wind.

Look #3

I love t-shirts. If I could wear them every single day, you can bet I would. Sadly, t-shirts from middle-school dances are not exactly flattering…So, I am literally always on the hunt for a new type of tee. Those v-necks and crew-necks are old school. Give me that new new style tee. I found the answer (at least for this season) in this lace-up tee from Lulu’s. Paired with the utility skirt it’s really casual spring outfit that makes me feel as if I should be planting perennials in my nonexistent garden.

Look #4

I hope you didn’t think you’d missed the cornerstone jeans, because here they are! These are my only pair of low/mid-rise jeans, so whenever I wear tees with them I like to do a half-tuck to show I actually have a waistline somewhere. I also cuffed the jeans and paired this outfit with my black laceless oxfords, because I am having trouble letting go of winter shoes. My toes get cold, y’all. Sad, chilly little piggies.

Look #5

I was trying to vogue hard in this picture, but I ended up just looking like a shocked southern woman saying “bless your heart” at some unsuspecting person. Heavens almighty. Maybe I’m just super casual, but this is an outfit I would go out with my girls in. The tee and the oxfords take it up to that coffeehouse lunch-date notch. I have that trouble with lighter washed jeans like these, but if your shoes and shirt are on the next level, your whole outfit can be too.

This capsule is pretty indicative of how my spring and summer wardrobe will look like. I am extremely partial to neutrals (especially white/cream!) in the summer. But I always throw in some bright pieces like the red floral maxi dress. You can never have enough florals in the summer, I’m sure of it.

5 Items

Madewell Jeans 

Everlane Black Tee

Red Floral Maxi

Utility Skirt

Lace-up Tee


Laceless Oxfords 

Black Sandals