Capsule #32: How Grunge Style can be Happy


How do you guys feel about the rule that means we can wear white after Easter has passed? I don’t like to subscribe to hard and fast fashion rules, but I must admit it kind of feels appropriate. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m so used to it already, but it never feels right to wear white or bright colors when it’s cold. Now, it gets hot and gets hot fast here in the South. So, the Easter rule doesn’t always work out when it’s 90 degrees in February.


I was so, so pleasantly surprised by the Universal Thread line at Target. I know, you’ve heard all about it now and I am the last person to get on this fake Madewell train. I may be in the caboose, but I’m here to stay. I’ve always been a major fan of Madewell, but my wallet is still kind of on the fence. So, Target, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This dotted gray short-sleeve button-up is absolutely divine. The fabric is a thin yet substantial cotton, and it would be perfect in any season. I may have gotten all the colors…

Girl in black jeans, graphic tank, short sleeve dot shirt, striped midi dress, and white shorts

Girl in black jeans, graphic tank, short sleeve dot shirt, striped midi dress, and white shorts

Look #1

You’re going to be seeing this gray dot shirt a lot in this capsule. I have no shame. I used to hoard new things and save them for the perfect event, but my closet gets pretty full of event pieces with nowhere to go. So, I’m giving this shirt an early spin over this striped midi dress. I rarely mix patterns. I’m just not very confident in doing that, but the small print on this shirt made me a little more comfortable and I loved it! This is a spring look I’m very excited to repeat.

Look #2

You can pry my black jeans out of my cold, dead hands. I will never give them up, no matter what the thermometer or calendar says. I will sweat to death for these jeans. I’m a Madewell denim girl through and through, but the Abercrombie jeans are a close and much more affordable (on sale) second. I also find that Abercrombie is more apt to offer trendy denim styles, while Madewell generally offers classic cuts with one or two trendy styles.

Look #3

I just love black/gray monochrome looks. There’s just something so commanding about it, ya know? Maybe men would pay more attention to us and take us seriously if we wore black all the time. On the other hand, probably not. We ladies just have to be the best we can be. Feminist rant over, what I really love about this outfit is that the jeans are sort of 90s grunge and the gray dot shirt is so sweet and feminine. These are my two absolute favorite styles to combine, because I feel like it shows my personality so well. I’m sweet…until I need to kick your booty in my holey jeans.

Look #4

I may have a concerning level of obsession with black clothing, but every now and then I can go for all white. My white shorts get a TON of wear in the summer. White is the most perfect summer neutral. I loved how the abstract print on this tank top played with the gray dot shirt. I was a little leerier about mixing these two prints, but I think it worked because the grays and blues are in similar color families. Layering a short sleeve shirt like this one over a tank is one of those doable summer/spring layers that won’t give you a heatstroke.

Look #5

I always seem to save the dressfor last, and I have no apologies! It’s hard thinking at the end of the week! Now, I am going to tell you the secret to midi dresses and short legs. It’s the waist. That’s it. The waistline needs to hit your actual waistline, not an inch above or below. If it’s above the skirt will look too long for those short legs. If it’s below, then you will look frumpy and your torso will look disproportionate to your short legs. I always assumed I was destined for mini dresses, until I discovered the secret is the fit.

Do you have anything you thought you couldn’t wear, until you figured out you were just doing it wrong? Boy, that’s me with almost half of my closet now. It is so freeing to try different styles and finally find one that works. I wouldn’t suggest this trial and error to anyone afraid of going to the return counter though…that happens. A lot. Tell me your clothing wins in the comments!

5 Items

Graphic Tank

Black Jeans 

Short Sleeve Dot Blouse 

Striped Midi Dress 

White Shorts


Glitter Flats

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Coupon!)