Capsule #33: Well-Dressed Women Make History


I bet y’all didn’t think you’d be reading Minnie Mouse’s fashion blog today, did ya? That’s who I feel like with my hair in double buns. I’m rocking this throwback to my first-grade school picture, and ain’t no one gonna stop me! I think it’s important to remember how hairstyles can really change our look. I often think about how certain outfits would be most flattering with a certain hairstyle, but I think most of us choose our hairstyle for the day and then our outfit. The right hairstyle for an outfit can totally change the look.


This week I’m not going to choose the hardest working piece in this capsule. I’m going to choose my favorite: the graphic tank top. If you can’t quite see it, it says “Well-behaved women rarely make history”. Ain’t that the truth! Looks like I better start misbehaving more often…In all seriousness, I love a good graphic tee. I secretly want to rock those t-shirts with the KISS tongue, but I’ve made a pact with myself that I can only wear graphic t-shirts with things that actually represent my interests.

Girl in graphic tee, chambray shirt, high rise jeans, and black dress

Girl in graphic tee, chambray shirt, high rise jeans, and black dress

Look #1

Who’s heard of the old formula, skinny jeans, a graphic tee, and a blazer? Nah. No thanks. You can take back your formulas, this ain’t statistics. Wow, I am really spewing those ain’ts today. Excuse me, my Southern is coming out. I just love this graphic tee paired with the patchwork shorts! Now, that formula I mentioned earlier is real and it works. But this outfit also works, because I paired a simpler graphic tee with some very busy shorts. If there had been a more illustrated scene or a lot of colors on the tee, I would have stuck to the formula.

Look #2

If you don’t own a Madewell Central shirt by now, you’re doing something wrong with your life. Okay, I take that back. While I highly suggest this shirt, I overall promote the idea of a lightweight chambray short-sleeve shirt. What makes this one so versatile is that it unbuttons. That’s it. There’s no fake buttons or ties on it. That means I can wear it at least three different ways (as you’ll see in this capsule). In this look, I’ve knotted the two sides together at my waist to complement my high-waisted shorts.

Look #3

Why is it so dang hard to find clothing made of natural fabrics??? I cannot sweat to death in polyester anymore. I’m well aware I sound like a menopausal grandmother, but if this is what its like, they have it rough! This dress is an all-cotton tee dress from Alternative Apparel. I love it because it’s lightweight, cotton, classic cut, and it’s long enough to be appropriate for work-wear. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest wearing double buns to work though…

Look #4

Look at this. Look at this versatility. I’ve unbuttoned the chambray shirt, and now it’s a lightweight pop of blue that takes this dress more casual. I also adore these Jessica Simpson flats. They have studded elastic ankle straps, hooray for things I don’t have to tie! And y’all know I would never suggest shoes that aren’t comfortable. I don’t know what kind of magic J.Simp is working, but it is truly a miracle (in many colors!).

Look #5

I had to sneak my graphic tee in twice this week, because you can never say no to misogyny enough. I like how the gray tee breaks up so much of the blue from the shirt and shorts. I tucked the tee into my Madewell shorts. I’m way past the age where I can wear shorts that have pockets hanging out of the bottom and are a little too far up those crooks and crannies. Madewell offers some great shorts options for when you’re still young, but not middle-school bad decisions young.

Do you have a favorite graphic tee? I may have acquired a few too many…I love how they’re a public way of telling people how I feel today! I don’t always want my feelings on a t-shirt, but when I do, I’m going to own it. Even if owning my feelings is a t-shirt with a pug on it. We all have those pug puppy days. Share your favorite graphic tee on the gram and tag me @thelaurieloo!

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Well-Behaved Tee

Patchwork Shorts

Black Tee Dress

Madewell Central Shirt 

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Black Rothys Flats ($20 Off Coupon!)

Strappy Tan Flats