Capsule #34: Can Adults wear Overalls?


April is coming to a close soon, and I’m getting so excited! Life is BUSY, y’all! April has been a crazy month for me, with a lot of things in the work. I really hope to be able to spend more time on my blog now and start creating more content in different areas. I will always do these weekly capsules, but I want to branch out more into the fashion world. We’ll talk more about it at the end of this post!


Did you know that Old Navy has created the most amazing t-shirt known to woman? It’s surely spun from gold by Rapunzel herself. These tees are called Luxe tees for a reason. The black tee I’m wearing (it has super thin white stripes), is the most comfortable tee I’ve ever worn. It manages to be both weighty and lightweight. It’s made from rayon, which gives it a better drape than most cotton tees have. I will warn it isn’t as breathable as cotton, but it is considerably more breathable than polyester.

Girl in smocked skirt, v neck tee, scoop neck, button up, and overall dress

Girl in smocked skirt, v neck tee, scoop neck, button up, and overall dress

Look #1

I feel like an extra from Saved by the Bell in this outfit. I honestly did not know they still made overall dresses for adult women. I still recall with horror the pictures of my pregnant mother in a very similar dress…I guess we really do turn into our parents (minus the pregnancy). I really struggle with overalls, guys. I used to think that the shirt worn underneath has to have a certain neckline and sleeve length and pretty much just be a white crewneck. I was wrong. You can wear almost anything under overalls. The black teeunder the darker black dress gives the embroidery the chance to shine, whereas a white tee/tank would’ve taken all of the attention. The lower neckline is also much more flattering and casual.

Look #2

When life gives you lemons, go to Target and get some new clothes. I know, I’m really good at motivational phrases. This white button-up was an impulse buy from the Universal Thread line at Target that I do not regret in the slightest. If you remember, I actually wore the gray polka dot version of this shirt in an earlier capsule this month. I liked leaving the shirt untucked from the skirt for two reasons. One, this skirt is pretty form fitting and shows every little wrinkle. Even those wrinkles your Spanx try to hide. Two, it makes it more casual. Tucking it in would have given this outfit a more business-casual vibe that I wanted to stay away from.

Look #3

You’ll notice I didn’t say no shirts could be tucked into this skirt! The luxe tee tucked just beautifully. The draping of the fabric and the deep scoop neckline also helped to keep this casual. Notice how the scoop neckline really complements the curved hem of the skirt. It’s far from a rule that these should match, but it will give your outfit some balance. I wanted to add some balance, because I have the two competing prints with the skirt and the tee.

Look #4

I love how I tell you about rules you can follow and then immediately break them. By itself, this green tee was absolutely nothing to write home about. It was something I might throw on to go to the gym. But, I wanted to challenge myself, so I included it in this week’s capsule. Turns out, this green is the perfect spring color. I knotted it on the side to add some visual interest to an otherwise plain shirt, and it really ties the outfit together. Man, my pun game is on point.

Look #5

This outfit makes me feel like one of two things: either a kindergartener or a kindergarten teacher. And I’m completely fine with that. I’m a very stylish kindergartener, I think. This is the type of shirt I would typically pair with overalls. Button downs, long or short, will forever look good with overalls. I particularly like the cap sleeves on this one, because it shows a little more arm for summer. It balances out with having more of my chest covered. In Look #1, I had more of my chest exposed and my arms more covered. Little details like that can truly make or break an outfit.

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way! Back to our initial topic. I would really love to start writing more for y’all. I truly enjoy writing about fashion and the little things happening in my life. But, I want to know what you want to hear! That’s why you’re here, to get some sort of value. Please, please let me know what kind of posts (specific or general) you’d like to see on this blog! I would love to do series, tips & tricks, more life posts, or literally anything you lovelies are interested in.

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Green V-Neck Tee


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