Capsule 53: The Only Jacket You Need

Happy New Year! No, you didn’t sleep through New Year’s Eve, but let’s be real, that was a possibility. I’m hoping you didn’t sleep through the turn of my year doing the One Week Wardrobe! I wrote a longgg post on what I learned and what will happen going forward, so you can check that out here. After you check that out hit that back button to come back to this post on this week’s wardrobe, which I have lovingly titled “Tropical Storm Chic”. 


I was definitely the cutest girl at Walmart loading her cart with cases of water and canned meats, yummmm. My green field jacket says “I can do hurricane cleanup with the best of them”, but my shorts say “But I’m probably better off supervising”. All of which is perfectly accurate. I joke, but that’s one reason why field jackets are my favorite style jacket! They’re just so so functional. I can move easily, roll up my sleeves, have a hood, and repel water in them. It doesn’t hurt that they also look wayyy better than most raincoats. 


I mentioned last week that I have a bit of a secret hatred for dresses, but I think I wasn’t wearing the right kind! Turns out, midi dresses are my favorite! They’re not so short that I’m giving a free show every time I sit down, but not so long that I’m stepping on my hemline and giving a different kind of show where I lose my teeth. 


Did someone say chambray? No? You sure? Cause it is definitelyyyy calling my name. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Give me denim or give me death! When I cleaned out my closet recently, I was counting everything blue I owned, because I thought I had too much. Turns out...I just own blue things that are also denim. Which explains why the only shades of blue I love are medium, textured, and well, denim! 


Whoever came up with this neckline style deserves their time in hell. There, I said it. I’m almost positive that cowl necks are universally unflattering. Sure, I WANT to add the illusion of more neck wrinkles. And I want them to stand out and be very large and colorful. In fact, just make me look like a saggy elephant trunk. If they can pull it off, so can I. Needless to say, this shirt has been returned after its brief trial run. 


Didn't I tell you field jackets were the most versatile jackets on the planet?! I did and I win. Here’s your proof. My one struggle with my newfound love, midi dresses, is that cardigans aren’t particularly flattering with the length. Which hurts my very soul, because cardigans are my one true love in this life. I have chilly shoulders and bad circulation, leave me be. Field jackets solve the problem. Many of them cinch in at the waist, and can usually be adjusted to your preferred amount of cinching. Which just adds to the versatility. For example, with this outfit, I need to accentuate my waistline amongst all this fabric, so I cinched the waist. But say, with skinny jeans and a fitted tee, I would let it hang more loosely for a more casual look. And for those that live in colder climates, having a jacket like this is great for layering, since the waist and sleeves can be adjusted to accommodate your layers. If you’re looking for the perfect jacket, look no longer. I wouldn’t be telling you this if I didn’t have 4 already in my closet. Once you have’s a slippery slope. Until next week, lovelies! 

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