Capsule 61: The switcharoo!

If you remember last week’s capsule, you’ll remember it was a bit of a letdown. Most of my pieces were blah and did nothing for me. Well, be prepared for a switcharoo. This week I was entirely and utterly ecstatic with every piece in my closet. This trial is over! For these five pieces, at least. Andddd if you have no clue what trial I’m talking about, head on over to the post about the current state of my wardrobe. Then come right back here to see the winners of this round!

Look #1

 Why does this look just scream “California Mom” to me? Is it the chambray? The unnecessarily slinky dress paired with a casual denim shirt? I don’t know y’all, but I think those SoCal moms are on to something good. It’s been a long time since I’ve tied a shirt over a dress, honestly I was burnt out on the look. This to me feels like an upgrade, with a fitted skirt and silky fabric, versus say a casual day dress.

Look #2

 Okay, I was humbled by this outfit. Honestly. I have always bought my t-shirts plain. No frills. No special fabric for a knot or a criss cross in the front. No shirts ONLY made to be tied. I like versatility. But I ordered this shirt when Madewell was having a sale and I wanted to hit that free shipping limit, which is always when I end up with crap I don’t need OR sometimes crap I really love. It’s usually worth the gamble for me. Anyway, this shirt has a special tail of fabric on the side so you can have the perfect knotted tee.

Let me tell you how much I love this thing. The shirt is long enough to actually cover my body, since I haven’t pulled all the extra fabric into a knot. The knot doesn’t come undone all day long because I barely tied it. I don’t have wrinkles in my shirt when I want to wear it plain. Oh, and if you untie the know, it would work perfectly tucked in! I am a convert, y’all. Little things like this that just make your day to day better are so, so worth it.

Look #3

 I cannot get enough of Canadian tuxedos. The one and only key? Your two shades of denim need to be different shades. Extra bonus if they’re different feels, too. My two shades of denim are actually pretty close, but it works because my jeans are ripped and have a bit of a worn effect. My top is more silky, since it’s actually lyocell not denim. I find lyocell “Chambray” actually works the best for Canadian tuxedo looks, and it flows much better.

Look #4

Call Angelina Jolie and tell her I’ve outdone her. That slit?! We’d like to think that slits in dresses are all about sex appeal, and while that is certainly a factor, a slit to me just means, “hey! I can walk in this dress!”  This dress is going in “Dream Dress” category, because it fills the two vital criteria. One, it makes me feel fancy. Two, it feels like pajamas. Bingo, Bango.

Look #5

This is probably my favorite look in this capsule. Jeans and a plain sweatshirt (fitted) in the winter is one of my favorite cozy looks. I’m usually just wearing a tee underneath for some extra warmth, but I decided to try my sleeveless button up. I’m in love. It takes this look up about ten notches. And it’s just as cozy as a tee and still gives me warmth! I love that it’s sleeveless, too. Then I don’t have to play the game of holding my sleeve down so it doesn’t get bunched up underneath my sweatshirt.

Until next week, lovelies.

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