Capsule Wardrobe #43: A Basics Safari


I really channeled my inner Ms.Frizzle on this little one week capsule wardrobe. My intent was that you would hop on this Magic School-bus with me and go on a safari into my closet. I wanted to show how we can use basics to make crazyyyy pieces of clothing be incredibly versatile. I shocked myself, truly. I thought this dress was only meant to be worn alone, but man, did I make it work! Scroll down to see the outfits I made with that crazy print that is also Flintstones-esque.

Man, this girl right here is an 80's queen.


Oh, hey, that cute shirt with a train? That's a dress! Whodathunkit.


Soooo, what'd ya think?! Crazy, right! I teach myself new things everyday. I foresee myself becoming a major advocate for basics to make the crazies work, consider yourself warned. It is truly impressive, though. Most importantly, you don't need crazy items like this dress to spice up your wardrobe if that isn't your thing. Believe me, my wardrobe consisted of plain tees and jean shorts for years, and I think I looked pretty dang good most of the time. However, if you are looking to branch out into some wild prints and colors that, shocker, aren't neutrals, then I would suggest trying to tie in a piece like this. And if you're reallyyyy reluctant to step into patterns, I would suggest what I consider beginner patterns, like stripes, polka dots, and plaids. Oh, and tiny flowers, the best print of all!

Get the look!

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