The Current State of My Wardrobe


The current state of my wardrobe is like that package you’re waiting for in the mail that is endlessly “In Transit”. Likeeee, can you just go ahead and get to my door already?!

I'm at a point in my life where I have never been more serious about my wardrobe, but I’ve also never had my closet in such disarray. To be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming. 

Here’s the issue: 

I’m still learning my style. As I get older, I get a firmer grasp on what my style is or how it’s changing, but until now, I haven’t actually done anything more than just buying allllll the things I think are remotely my style.  

Let me tell you, my wallet was not happy. And it’s still not, because despite my focus on really curating and determining my style, I’ve still been tempted by shopping. Tremendously tempted. 

So, I’m putting myself on an indefinite shopping fast. I foresee this lasting at least until the end of the year, perhaps a bit longer. 


Well, I’m buying things that are probablyyyy my style, but I still have a ton of items in my closet that are “on trial”.  

Let me explain. 

After cleaning out my closet, I take all of those maybe items and put them in a separate area of my closet. Then, I mix them in with my daily pieces to see how they work and if they can stay. 

This method has made a hugeeee difference. Most of the time, I get rid of most of these “on trial” items. But actually giving them a trial allows me to be reminded of what the issue was in the first place.  

It might be a sweater that was itchier than I remembered, or a blouse that’s just slightly too big. After wearing the maybe item for a day or two, I’m usually ready to say “I will never reach for this piece or be comfortable in it, so it’s gotta go!”  

Its kind of life changing. My whole closet clean out method has changed my life and my style, and I would really recommend you checking it out. You can get that bad boy right here for freebies! 

But, what’s that have to do with no shopping! 

Um, everything. You see, in an effort to reallyyyyy hone my style I’ve put my entire closet “On Trial”. 

Which means I’ve got about 50ish pieces of clothing to sort through and carefully think about, and during that time I really shouldn’t be adding new things.  

I have ideas about what I probably won’t keep and things I’d like to buy, but those can and do change.  

So, shopping fast it is. 

But, let it be known, I am weak. I’m weak for the sales, y’all. Black Friday and after Christmas sales??!! I die.  

Black Friday has too many clothing deals for me to be fasting during that time, but I am vowing right in here in front of the entire Internet that I will be frugal.  

I will only buy investment pieces of good quality. I will not get sucked in by $3 tee shirts. I will not buy a fourth crockpot. I will be strong!  

Who knows, by that time I may be through everything in my closet. It’s been known to happen. 

Oftentimes I’ll put on a piece of clothing for a couple of hours and be over it, and I’ll change my outfit. So, it’s entirely possible I could try more than one outfit in a day. 

Please note I’m not pulling 7 outfits a day and tossing them all in the trash, I only change my outfit when I hate what I’m wearing! 

So, you heard it here first! Lauren is on a strict shopping fast and if I slip up I expect to be thoroughly internet shamed.  

Wish me luck. Like so much luck. Someone please take my credit cards.