Dulling Your Holiday Sparkle


Sparkle is ALWAYS a good thing in my book, but when it comes to clothing glitz and glam isn’t usually appropriate for daily wear. I’m mainly referencing those holidays dresses, skirts, and tops you buy specifically for the three Christmas parties you have to attend. After Christmas and New Years are over, there is rarely a chance to wear a glitter skirt to the office. I can’t deny I’ve done it once or twice, though. My indulgent holiday purchase was this gorgeous dress, from Target believe it or not. It’s so simple but the gold lurex like material bumps it up several notches on the fancy meter. However, the thin straps make it almost impossible to wear anywhere below 70° or more casual than the Inaugural Ball. Kidding, kidding. Like I was even invited.


So, I had two options.

  1. Wear it around the house to make myself feel better. A good option, but I’m a bit of a show off. I need compliments, and I need someone to see this amazing dress.

  2. Find a way to make it appropriate for every day.

The trick is to pair something casual with the statement item. It also helps to tone down your makeup. I did a matte eye with no liner and kept my lip color neutral. My hair was a tad outrageous, but hey, it was a photoshoot. Finally, it is absolutely necessary to be confident. If you’re walking around terrified someone will ask why you’re wearing an evening gown to work, they will. It’s noticeable when someone isn’t comfortable in their own skin and clothing. Strut with confidence. Warning: They might still ask. My go to answer is, “I felt like it.”


So, I scooped up this softer than a llama’s butt sweater at LOFT, intending to wear it around the house. Now it looks like my dress and sweater both got promoted to public wear, an honorable position. The sweater covers the straps and keeps me warm, a double whammy.

I think this trick will work best with skirts, cocktail length dresses, and evening gowns that aren’t ball gowns or have high slits. The latter two are either too sexy or too obvious. You could try pairing them with a t-shirt, sweater, or maybe even a chambray button-up. As for glitzy tops, try wearing them with very casual, light jeans or a casual skirt. Dress slacks or other sorts of office wear up the formality.

What do you think of getting more wear out of special occasion clothing? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments, Loovelies!