An Honest Review of Everlane Denim


I’m pretty late hopping on this Everlane denim bandwagon, but better late than never, right?!

I don’t know about you, but I spend tonsss of money on denim. I mean, tons of money for someone who isn’t purchasing designer denim. I’ll spend $200 on a pair of jeans that fit and don’t bag out after an hour, but man do I get chest pains when I pull the trigger.

Which is why I was so dang excited for this line of Everlane denim, which was released in 2017. The 2017 release was good old solid denim, no stretch. The kind you have to break in like shoes, but they’ll be your best friend after you do.

I like a pair of molded jeans that will stand up on their own as much as the next girl, but most days I really just want to feel like I’m wearing pajamas. In comes the Everlane Stretch Denim Line, released just a few months ago in October 2018.

The new jeans have an ever so slightly different fabric composition that allows for more stretch and bendy gymnastics.

Fabric Content

Authentic Stretch Denim: 77% Cotton, 17% Modal, 2% Elastane, and 4% Polyester

Non-Stretch Denim: 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane

It’s really the modal and polyester doing the stretchy job here.

How do they fit?

Okay, I’ve tried three different styles from Everlane in the stretch line, and I have got THE scoop.

The Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny

Fit | These are super skinny. You know how sometimes a jean is “skinny” but it’s more of a straight leg? Not so with these. These are a true skinny jean. I prefer my jeans to not be suctioned to my legs, so if you’re looking for a skinny fit not reminiscent of the 2000s goth days try the Cigarette Jean. The high rise is a true high rise, not one of those high rises masquerading as a mid rise (curse those!).

True to Size | These are true to size! I originally sized down, because vanity sizing, and had to exchange them for my real size.

Wear through the Day | The stretch didn’t cause any bagging in the booty or looseness around the knees. I was pleasantly surprised! I did find the black wash to be a bit stiffer than the mid-blue wash.

How they Wash | Like most jeans, these are a little tight after being dryed, but nothing an hour or two of wear won’t fix. Be careful with the dark blue or black wash, they bleed a little the first time.

Price | $68

I want this style!


The Authentic Stretch High Rise Cigarette Jean

Fit | This is the fit I expect of skinny jeans in 2018. My ankles like to have circulation. I would honestly call this a skinny jean with slightly more ankle room than average. This is definitely not a straight leg jean. The rise is 11 inches! Glory be.

True to Size | I think this style runs a tad big. I sized down one and it was the fit I am used to. The sizing is not consistent across all Everlane denim, but I’ve yet to find any store that is.

Wear through the Day | I got these in the mid-blue wash, which was very stretchy. Not yoga pant stretchy or jegging like, but enough stretch that I could comfortably sit on the floor and do a few squats.

How they Wash | No bleeding with this wash, and for some reason these didn’t seem any tighter after being dryed. Always a plus when my jeans don’t make me feel like I gained weight!

Price | $78

I want this style!


The Kick Crop Jean

Fit | These are not the stretch denim! I purchased this style because demi-crop and slight flare jeans are in vogue right now, and I hate paying a premium for trendy styles. At $78 these were priced right. I’m 5’ 3” and the crop hits just at my ankle, so I think they would work for anyone up to 5’6”ish. I also liked that the flare was barely more than a straight leg and didn’t look like I chopped off my old flare jeans.

True to Size | These run big, but they won’t feel like it when you first put them on. I sized down one size, and when I first tried them on I thought “This must be what corsets feel like” but I powered through, since I knew it wasn’t stretch denim.

Wear through the Day | Like I said above, these aren’t stretch denim. However! They do stretch out fairly quickly. After my first full day of wearing them I felt like I could breathe comfortably, which really only took an hour or two. After the second day they were pretty comfortable. They are stiffer than stretch, but not uncomfortable. I’ve worn them multiple times since and after the initial stretch to fit my body, they haven’t stretched out any more.

How they Wash | Be careful with this black dye! I washed them once and my white rug cursed me. They were a little tight after washing but back to normal within an hour or so after putting them on. Honestly, I don’t wash these much. You shouldn’t wash any jeans frequently, especially non-stretch denim. It’s bad for the dye and breaks down the fibers and destroys the fit you worked for. Spot treat whenever possible.

Price | $78

I want this style!


Style the Kick Crop

I hate flare jeans. Never liked them. You can’t tuck them. They drag in the mud and water and give you cold ankles and pneumonia. They don’t keep your leg warm. The list goes on, really.

But, I was intrigued by the Kick Crop. I still wouldn’t recommend tucking it, although you could get away with it. But, they’re short so they don’t drag in the street filth. You can wear flats with them! Regular flares look best with heels, but the higher hemline of these lets me stick to my flats and loafers I adore so much.

Even so, I didn’t really know how to style them. After playing around in my closet, I figured it out.

Peep that burlesque pose I pulled from my high school days…a story for another day 😉

These are actually pretty similar to skinny or straight jeans in the way you style them, with a couple of key differences.

  • I preferred the look of slightly boxy shirts, tucked or untucked, to balance with the flare on the bottom. Very fitted tops or crop tops made this a distinctly more 70s vintage look.

  • I found that two types of shoes worked best with these:

    • Loafers/Brogues

    • Flats with an Ankle Strap

  • The shoes need to cover some foot real estate, basically. Flats that only cover the tops of your toes make these jeans look cropped in a way like you had a growth spurt. When you cover up your foot a bit more it just looks like a chic crop. I don’t mind, my feet get cold anyway!

  • The ankle strap also works because it separates your ankle from the jean, instead of a big expanse of open skin.

Okay, I need the Kick Crop.

The Verdict

Damn Good Denim! I regularly pay double this for jeans this good. The price is right and the quality is there, not to mention the transparent ethics of Everlane makes it even better. My only request? Give me ripped jeans!