Totally Honest Everlane Glove Boot Review


If you’ve hung around here long enough it’s no secret that I despise any kind of heeled shoe. Like, “only owns one pair of heels for those occasions when I have to wear a dumb evening gown and dumb heels that come around once in a decade” kind of hate. The hate is real. Unfortunately, flat boots are not all that flattering (wow I’m punny), so I mostly just suffer through winter wearing ballet flats and not looking as cool as you boot girls.

what is ReKnit?

Given my strong, and I do mean strong hatred for heels and shoes that make me feel closed in, I was anxious to try but still skeptical of the new Everlane ReKnit Glove Boots. If you’re on the Everlane train, you probably know that this year they launched their a sustainably made version of their ever popular Day Glove Flat. The original Day Glove is made of uber soft leather, but the ReKnit version is made from 9 plastic bottles! How crazy is that?! Recycling and sustainability at its chicest.

To be totally honest, I’m not a fan of the style of the Day Glove, so I never got the ReKnit version….but I am always on the hunt for a comfortable boot. Lucky for me (and you) Everlane has released a ReKnit Glove Boot! I got a pair in the brightest cobalt blue, because why not, and I am here to give you my totally honest review.

Don’t want the nitty gritty? Just skip to the end for my overall rating.

ReKnit glove boot

Colors & Sizes

So, let’s start with the cold, hard facts to solve this boot mystery. There are 6 colors available, and I am lusting after the ‘Bone’ option, because is there anything cooler than a white boot? No. There is not.

They are available in sizes 5-11.

Colors: Bone, Toffee, Cherry Red, Cobalt Blue, Black.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.41.55 AM.png



Boots are expensive y’all, especially good leather boots. But, you can save some money without sacrificing quality with these Glove Boots. $155 is a little steep for some of us (me included), but I’ve paid over $250 for a decent pair of leather boots which end up getting scuffed and ruined in water. You won’t have that problem with boots that you can just wipe clean. Since they’re cloth, they won’t absorb mud and other dirt stains. Oh yeah, and you won’t have wet feet all day like with leather shoes.


These are for sure true to size, as I find most Everlane shoes to be. I usually have the issue that I need to go up a half size in heeled shoes, since your foot is pushed forward a bit. However, I’ve found that isn’t necessary in Everlane shoes, and I wear my regular 6.5 across flat and heeled shoes.

comfort factor

This is what you came for, huh? Well, I’ll sum it up in the first sentence. When I first put these shoes on I literally sighed in relief. Yeah, that good. These are essentially socks with heels, which is everything I’ve ever wanted. They aren’t tight or stiff like leather. I feel like my feet can actually breathe in this boot.

I also love that since they’re stretchy there’s no need to deal with a dang zipper always jangling around and not coming undone when I want my shoes off! The stretch factor also means you can easily tuck jeans or pants inside the boots BUT you can also put your jeans over the top of the boot without having that funky stiff ring that leather boots give ya.

Of course, the sole is reasonably cushioned. These aren’t your mom’s Naturalizers, but my feet weren’t complaining. I’m not a fan of overly cushioned “comfort” shoes, as I think they do more harm than good. But that’s a rant for another day. Basically, these aren’t cardboard but you aren’t walking on pillows either. It’s just the right shoe sole porridge.



Great. Great quality. I’ve seen some “recycled” shoes that look like they glued together what came out of the plastic shredder from Chernobyl….these do not! These are well made with a sturdy but not overly stretchy knit. It might be a little weird at first that they aren’t leather, but I think I prefer it.

Consider this, leather absorbs every sin. Salt, water, mud, it takes it all. Plastic on the other hand rarely stains. You can wipe these down (you might need a little toothbrush to get in the knit) and they’ll be good as new. They also won’t fade, scuff, or get worn like leather, which is my personal pet peeve.

the Verdict

100% worth it. Like so, so worth it. Your feet will thank you for this newfound and hella affordable comfort. I’m EXTREMELY picky about my shoes, like I return about 90% of the shoes I buy because they don’t meet my standards. These meet and exceed my standards, and I would put them on par with my favorite Rothy’s Flats, which I wear at least 4 times a week. Don’t sleep on these.