Falalala Formal Follow-up


I know you were overcome with anticipation for this post, so here it is. This DIY Falalala Sweater can be styled casually and formally, which is pretty shocking considering it all started with what resembles 80's gym sweats. I love looks that are so versatile that I can wear them to a Christmas party and out to get groceries. Holiday spirit is everywhere, even Walmart.

If you don't recall, this is the casual look featured in the DIY instructions. If you want to step it up a notch, strap on some ankle boots and you'll look perfect for a date night out.


I am so in love with these Adidas Stan Smiths. They're actually my first pair of sneakers! Y'all, I hated sneakers so much that I wouldn't even run in them. I ran in a ratty pair of TOMS Classics for years. So, getting me to buy sneakers is a pretty huge deal.


How much do you love this?! I swear I swooned when I looked in the mirror. Flawless. Flawless. The best part? I feel like I'm wearing pajamas. The wide leg and cropped length are stylish, for sure, but I could go to a holiday party and load up on Santa cookies with no problem.

Have I mentioned that I hate heels, also? I do. If you ever catch me wearing heels, I'm either in my coffin or I've inserted miniature pillows into the soles. Fortunately, these pumps came with the pillows included, so no DIY there. You can pick up a pair to try out yourself at BC Footwear, at an insanely affordable price.


Anddddd, there's pockets! In case you didn't get enough of those Santa cookies, you have room to bring some home. Oh, and that little sliver of skin showing? Unintentional at the time, but I'm considering making it intentional.


Closing up with a little jingle bell close up. I hope your holiday spirit is already in full swing, Loovelies. Do you have any plans yet? Have you began to think about shopping for Christmas presents? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!