Gingham is Queen

I have been wearing gingham since day one, and I mean that almost literally. So maybe my first dress wasn't gingham, but I can assure you there are countless pictures of me in varying sizes and colors of gingham. My mother just loved to dress her daughters in gingham, which is probably where my love stemmed from. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that gingham was a new trend this season. I try not to get to into the latest trends, but I knew this one was one I already loved! Trends can help offer more variety for looks you know you love, so they aren't always a bad thing. I am all on board lasting trends, like skinny jeans have become...and hopefully gingham. I featured this top on my Instagram a few days ago, promising a follow up blog post. I was a little hesitant to purchase this top, because I am really trying to aim for quality these days. Old Navy can be hit or miss, so checking the seams and material makeup is a must. This blouse is made of mostly linen, securing it as a must have in my mind. There is a possibility I also have a slight love affair with linen.

The gingham print is really what drew me to this shirt, but I knew it was a hands-down-must-have-in-my-closet purchase when I saw the buttons. Normally, I'm not gungho on decorative buttons (these work, by the way). However, I saw it as a way that this shirt could be more versatile...because now I can wear it backwards! Calm down, I swear I am not insane. I wear almost all of my clothes the right way. I promise. The front neckline was shallow enough that it looks great on the back, and the button back makes for a totally different look if worn on the front. Navy is also such a basic color. I knew it would go with so many skirts and other bottoms, as well as being transitional through the seasons.

I am really striving to purchase items that are versatile and well made, and I'm confident this was a good choice. It's hard to pass up something that is suitable for more than one look. I would definitely recommend purchasing either this tank, or at least something gingham. It's such a fun pattern, but it isn't hard to match with other things. Oh, and if you do want to purchase this blouse, it is currently on sale! I may secretly be craving a pair of gingham pants or shorts in my wardrobe. Actually, I'm craving almost everything in gingham: dresses, shirts, bottoms, skirts, panties, and even bras! Small gingham, medium gingham, large and extra-large gingham. Love them all! Long live Queen Gingham.

Let me know your thoughts on this trend. Do you like gingham for adults? Or is it more suited for children? Have you hopped on the gingham train? Happy Tuesday, my lovelies.