4 Insanely Simple Habits You Should Form


We talk a whole lot about breaking bad habits, but we give much less attention to forming good habits. And ya know what? I think we’re talking about the wrong thing. Sure, breaking a bad habit is hard, but forming and sticking with a good habit is even harder.

There are all kinds of good habits you’ve (hopefully) formed over the years, from learning to use the toilet instead of a diaper (major achievement!) to brushing your teeth at night and showering regularly.

All those habits your parents or guardians taught you key ways to take care of yourself. And it’s easy to form these habits as a kid because our brains are so malleable at that point, but mostly because you have someone practically beating it into you every day with the promise of stickers.

Habits to Form

So, what habits do you need to form right now? I’ll give you a hint. Did you catch on to how most of the habits you needed to form as a wee babe were so you could take care of yourself? Yeah, it’s thoseeee kinds of habits.

Morning Routine or Ritual

Starting your day off right is the key to forming good habits in all other times of your life. I am NOT a big believer in lengthy morning routines that make you get up an hour early for some “me time”. I firmly believe you can sneak in that self care into the routine you already have.

It’s so important to make your morning about more than just dragging yourself out of bed to go about your day. By adding in some things that you can look forward to without making you get up earlier, well, you’re golden.

I don’t want to go wayyy into detail about making a morning ritual or routine here, because I’ve already written a post on that very subject. In a nutshell? You need three components to your morning routine, and I have got examples galore for each one.

Good Skincare Practices

Yep, you gotta take care of the largest organ you have: the old epidermis. Skin, to us commoners. I am for sure not a skincare blogger, but I know a thing or two about good skincare. Number one thing you need?


Our skin is always, always craving moisture. Even if your skin is oily! And no, you don’t need a twelve step Korean skincare routine (though I admire your commitment if you’re into that).

Just like the morning ritual, I believe there are only three things you need in your skincare routine to have some pretty great skin.


Ah, the old Coppertone. Do me a favor, please, pleaseeee don’t put Coppertone on your face every day. Or any regular old body sunscreen, kay? Unless you want the worst breakout of your life and/or to always smell strongly of sunscreen.

Sunscreens have really moved up in the world since the Coppertone babe, because now we have all these special face sunscreens specifically designed for your more delicate skin. They’re lighter, don’t smell strongly of sunscreen, and don’t leave that white cast all over your face.

I recommend putting on sunscreen each morning, and no if your foundation has sunscreen in it, it isn’t enough. The 5 SPF will do nothing. You need at least 30 SPF to protect you from the daily sun you take in just going about your daily life. If you’re outside more than about two hours a day, you need to be reapplying. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

My Faves

Makeup Remover

Please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t start washing their face everyday until they were 20…I’m disgusting. Newsflash young Lauren, all that makeup sits on your skin blocking it from moisture and breeding bacteria overnight! shudders.

Now? I wash my face twice each night. The first cleanser is an oil cleanser that removes my makeup, then I wash with a facial cleanser to remove any remaining dirt or sweat build up from the day. And my skin has seriously never been better.

What I use


There are almost too many options for moisturizers for me to accurately cover. To sum it up, you’ve gotta try a lot. One moisturizer might be too heavy for you, but just right for someone else. You might want some anti aging retinols or acids in your moisturizer. Or maybe you need one for sensitive skin or specific skin conditions.

It doesn’t matter what moisturizer you get, as long as you get one. Your skin needs moisture. I apply in the evenings after cleansing my face. Pro tip: Don’t completely dry your face after washing. Leaving it a little damp will let your moisturizer lock in nature’s most natural moisturizer, water.

Popular Moisturizers

Take Care of Your Clothing

Ughhhhh, laundry. The worst. It might have been okay to throw all your t-shirts in the wash in one load when you were a kid, but I’m betting what you own now requires a bit more care.

That means…reading tags but not necessarily obeying tags. If something is hand wash or dry clean, I’m probably still going to machine wash it. I’m lazy.

But, what I’m not going to do is throw those delicate pieces in with my bedsheets or towels on a super fast spin. Delicate pieces should always be on a gentle cycle, and if your machine doesn’t have that (looking at you laundromats), then scrounge up some mesh laundry bags to put your pieces in for protection.

It is MAJORLY important that you don’t throw everything in the dryer! That’s where the real damage occurs. The heat will cause shrinking, pilling, and sets in stains. If anything looks remotely delicate or prone to shrinkage, air dry it is.

Throw the wet item on your unused treadmill, your shower red, on the kitchen counter (sans sauce stains), anywhere but the dryer. Ahhhh but the wrinkles?!!

Dryers do some handy dandy ironing for us, so if I air dry some things and they’re pretty wrinkled, AFTER they’re dry, I’ll throw them in the dryer for ten minutes or so to get the worst of it out.

Don’t forget to properly store your clothes after laundering, ya know, folding, hanging, etc. I’ve figured out the best way to save space and store my clothes properly, so check that out before you start throwing clothing around willy nilly like a stripper.

Start Journaling

You’re doing all this cool stuff and taking care of yourself, but you kinda want to remember this time in your life, right? Journal, my friend. No, you don’t have to journal your entire life story or start off with “Dear Diary” and write the most beautiful of things.

You don’t even have to do it everyday! In fact, I highly suggest you don’t. If you want to get started journaling right now, but don’t want to dive alllll the way in, head right here. It’s journaling for beginners….and lazy people….and regular people….me….basically everyone.

Let’s Recap!

What habits do you need to form?

  • A morning ritual

  • Greatttt skincare

  • Taking care of your clothing

  • And start journaling

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. If it helps, send me an email here talking about your new habits, and I’ll give you a virtual sticker 😉