The #1 Trick to Keeping Your Shirt Tucked In All Day


Are you 1000% done with subtly tucking in your shirt during a conversation? Or running to the bathroom to tuck in that little duck tail that inevitably pops up? Girl, me too. 

Luckily, my friend taught me this super easy way to keep your shirt tucked in all day dang day AND it even looks better than a regular tuck! I’ve filmed a video, because it’s way easier to see it than explain it with words. 

But! I will type out the explanation for you video haters like me. I mean, I just can’t be bothered to watch a video sometimes, sue me. 

If you’re confused by the text explanation, then go back and watch the video when you have the time and it’ll definitely clear things up for ya. 

How to Keep your shirt tucked in 

  1. Put on a shirt that isn’t fitted to your body. If it’s already very fitted (and I mean hugging your body) then it doesn’t need this trick. But most shirts have extra room on the sides and can use it! 

  2. Keep your pants not totally pulled up, you’ll pull them up after rather than tucking your shirt into already pulled up and buttoned pants

  3. With your thumb and pointer finger pull out the side seams of your shirt so they’re taut. 

  4. Still holding the seam move your thumb in to where your waist is and start to fold those side pieces of fabric towards your back. 

  5. With one hand, hold the two pieces of fabric you folded backwards and use the other hand to start pulling up your pants. 

  6. As you pull up your pants, make sure that you’re keeping those pieces of fabric held and tuck down all of the shirt into your pants 

  7. Let go of the pieces you were holding, they should stay there on their own now. 

  8. Zip up your pants and you’re done! 

I promise, it takes me like 3 seconds to do this. You get wayyyy better with practice and it is my favorite way to tuck my shirt in now. 

Watch The Video