I Heart You Necklace DIY


I so wish I was a sculptor. I love the way clay feels, even if I barely have the strength to knead it. I don’t have the talent or a pottery wheel, so I had to settle on oven-bake clay for this month’s DIY. Of course, it is Valentine themed. My favorite part is how customizable this DIY is. You can use any color clay, any shape, or any size.

Materials Needed:

  • Premo Sculpey Clay 1 pack
  • Clay Tools (can substitute with knife and toothpicks)
  • Hot Glue
  • String/Cord/Chain of your choice
  • Acrylic Paint & Brushes (optional)
  1. After you gather your materials (which took me about an hour staring at clay colors), open up the pack of clay. Side note, since this is oven-bake clay it’s okay to leave it out for a little while. Don’t worry, it won’t dry out.
  2. Remember making Play-Doh snakes when you were little? You rolled the dough with your hand until it got skinny. That’s pretty much the same thing you’ll be doing here, with one change. Only roll with the palm of your hand! Don’t roll the clay with your fingers, or it will create ridges and an uneven “snake”.
  3. Roll out 9-10 pieces that are 4ish inches long. Don’t worry about being exact with the rolls. You can cut them shorter.
  4. Line your “snakes” up together. To help them stick, I used the rolling tool (cylinder) to mash them slightly. If you want the ridges, take care not to push down too hard.
  5. Score your little block of rolls with a heart shape. A toothpick or knife works great for this. Don’t worry if it’s not the perfect heart shape. The best hearts are wonky hearts.
  6. You can use a knife for this next part, but I found the plastic cutting tool worked best. Kitchen knives aren’t exactly made for clay. After scoring, cut the clay into your shape.
  7. The edges may be a little rough or have pieces sticking out, so just smooth those down with your finger. If you’re careful, you can also shape your heart a little more.
  8. Time to bake! I got a little carried away…I cut some teeny hearts out of flat clay and marbled some of the black/white clay.
  9. Bake at 275° for 30 minutes, per ¼ inch. Put your clay on the top rack, since it may take longer to bake on the bottom rack. I baked the teeny hearts for 15 minutes separate from the large hearts.
  10. After baking, it’s time to paint! I chose to use a real pop! of color, but pretty much any color will work. I couldn’t bear to paint the black clay. I’m not sure if you can see it, but the black clay has gold flecks in it. Drool.
  11. The final step. Hot glue. Figure out the length you’d like your necklace and cut the string/cord/chain an inch longer. Before gluing, I tied my string into a knot for extra stability and to prevent twisting.
  12. Optional Step: If you made little hearts, to get the three hearts together I glued across all three and laid my string down. Simple as that.

This project only ended up using ¼ of each pack of clay! I was amazed. This is the perfect, affordable DIY for yourself or friends. I know I’m planning on gifting a necklace to all my friends for GALentine’s Day. They’re so customizable and hella affordable that I don’t feel bad giving the same gift!