3 Stupid Easy Steps to Live Life to the Fullest


I started to have a bit of an anxiety attack writing this post. I kept thinking, “I don’t even know how to live my life with purpose. I’m just surviving. Just moving forward. Who even am I to tell other people how they can live an intentional life.” 

So. I went to my favorite search engine and thought “Google will have the answer and then I will ever so thoughtfully share that answer and also discover how to live my own life to the absolute fullest”. Yeah. Thanks for letting me down, google. 

How do you live life to the fullest?

No, scratch that.

How do you live with intention?

I started running through everything I had tried. It wasn’t meditation. While I look cute counting beads on a mala, my knees are those of a sixty year old woman. Strike that one out.

It wasn’t eating healthy, and it wasn’t indulging in fabulous food. Frankly, I’m not a foodie. I eat almost the same carb-y thing each day. Eating, to me, is surviving. Strike that too. 

It wasn’t minimalism. I kind of have an entire blog practically dedicated to being at least a semi minimalist, but that isn’t what really brought intent to my life. It helps me practice intent, but it doesn’t give me purpose.

But, what even is intent? Is it just the certain things you do because someone said it would make your life easier and more intentional? Intent is a bit of a buzzword with no real meaning. But to me,


Yet, this still isn’t clear. I don’t believe intent is about finding your one, sole purpose in life. The thing that keeps you going. We get caught up on figuring out what makes us happy and gives us purpose, when in all likelihood the act of searching for purpose is what gives us purpose.

But, I’m getting sidetracked.

My little breakdown writing this post made me feel like I didn’t have a purposeful life. Like I was just surviving. I was a hypocrite.

Then it clicked. I knew what the secret was. 

I had let my mind get the best of me. You see, I’ve been living my life pretty dang great the past few years. Dare I say, living life to the fullest? 

And I knew this! I was so happy that I couldn’t wait to write this post when I had the idea. I didn’t even make an outline, because I was so positive that I would immediately know what to write about. 

Then I sat down. I started thinking. And that’s where I got in trouble. I let the little man behind the curtain be in control of my mind, not me. 

Girl, just tell me the secret!

You have to decide.

You have to make the decision to live with intent. You have to make that decision every. single. day. I wake up, and I’m grumpy as hell. I’m mad at my alarm clock and society for making me do this work thing, but I give myself a second to shake those thoughts out. I get up. And I decide to go about my day.

It is only when I decide that I will live with intent in my day that I can start practicing things that do give me purpose and enjoyment and light.

So, what are those things?

Well, for me, it is a lot of little, itty-bitty things.

  • I always eat breakfast.

  • I save my favorite shows to watch one at a time.

  • I fold my underwear.

  • I make to-do lists.

  • I carefully curate my closet.

  • I research anything and everything I’m curious about.

  • I schedule my social-media time.

  • I paint my nails.

For me, living with intent is all the little daily things that keep me on track. The things that if I didn’t do them, I would end up sad or overwhelmed or homeless because I let my house and life fall down around with me.

You might be looking at that list like “ughhhhhh, I hate those things!” Cool! Good! Because it’s not your list.

You have to find your own list of things that help you find some intent. I find more purpose and intent in daily life than I do in those articles that tell you traveling will give you purpose. So, what, I’m supposed to slog through my daily life and only be happy for the two weeks of vacation time I get a year?

Yeah, no thanks.

Not everything about daily life is a slog. I guarantee you can find at least one thing (probably more) that you like about keeping your shiz together. Maybe you absolutely hate folding your clothes, but giving your rugs a fresh vacuum gets ya going.

Or, maybe you would much rather buy a roomba and devote your time to a side hustle. Find the things in your everyday life that you at least somewhat enjoy.

Honestly, sometimes just the act of doing all these little things that keep your life together is satisfying. Because no one, and I mean no one, likes to fall apart.

But, what about those little things you hate?

Well, you have two options.

  1. sandwich the things you hate in between things you like. You hate washing the dishes, but you love folding clothes. Great! Start the laundry, wash the dishes while they run, and when you’re done you get to be rewarded with warm clothes to nap in and then fold.

  2. Find a way to make the task not so often. Me, I hate cooking. Loathe it. So, I cook perishable food once a week and food I can freeze every 6-8 weeks. I spend about a day freezing food and maybe an hour cooking perishables once a week.

Another example, some people hate doing laundry and they think spreading it out over the week or so will be easier. Yeah, because I just love doing something I dread everyday. I also hate laundry, so I wash it all on one day of the week. The good thing about laundry is that you can easily do other stuff while it runs.

Okay, so, let’s recap. The three steps to living with intent are:

  1. Decide to be intentional.

  2. Find what everyday things bring you the smallest amount of joy.

  3. Sandwich the joyful daily things with the sucky daily things OR find ways the make the sucky daily things not so often.

If you skipped to the end, well, you probably shouldn’t have done that. But, I’ll help you out anyway. The secret? 


You’ve got this.