A 100% Honest Review of M. Gemi Shoes


Who the heck is M. Gemi?

Well, I’m about to tell ya, sister. Have you seen enough sponsored posts and ads on the ‘gram yet to make you want to go all in for this gorgeous brand? I know I did! I tried them out, so you don’t have to waste your time and money.

I bought these shoes with my very own money so I could write a totally honest review of M. Gemi. But, what are they about?

The motto is “Made the old way - Sold the new way.” Hooked already. Like a true millennial, I love anything with a story. But the product has to be good enough to match! M. Gemi shoes are made in Italy in tiny little family owned shops, so just picture your own Italian mama and papa lovingly making these gorgeous shoes for you. Unlike other designer shoes, the prices are affordable, though. But not at the price of ethicality!

The prices are kept low because the shoes are sold entirely online and marketed on social media, which cuts down those ad dollars and retail markups that usually go into the price of designer shoes. It cuts it like way down. Prices are kept somewhere between $150-350ish, with the low end being flats and the high end being boots.

So, did they live up to the hype?

The Experience 

The service, the  packaging, all of it! Where do I start! Let’s start with the service. It all feels very luxe. I love that before you even buy, they have a fit suggester. Anyone knows that buying shoes online can be tricky business, so having some help in choosing a size is great. 

While I loved this feature, I’m not entirely sure of the accuracy. I’m normally a 6.5 and that’s what M. Gemi suggested. However, the 6.5 was pretty tight. Like I knew if I wore them for more than hour I would be cursing the shoes and who made them. 

But after some research, I’m not going to fully blame M. Gemi for this one. Apparently, when buying heels you should go up a half size account for the fact that your foot is being shoved down and probably swelling a bit. And I have to say, the 7 fit me like a glove. 

So, it would be cool if there were some added tips for each style. Like, based on this particular shoe we suggest a half size up but for this one get your normal size. But maybe that’s just the millennial in me wanting the thinking done for me 😉. 



Can we talk about the packaging?! I am suchhh a sucker for good packaging that makes me feel like I’m unwrapping a birthday present. I mean that’s why we order things online, right?! 

The box is very sturdy and has one of those cloth like finishes. This is for sure a box you could keep and reuse as pretty storage (a great way to recycle!).

Inside the box is a high quality dust bag to store your shoes or for traveling...which is something I should probably start using. The personal touch of your name handwritten on the tag is really special, also. It just makes a girl feel good!

Finally, the shoes themselves are packaged extremely well. I always worry about shoes getting crushed in shipping, especially heels! These are properly packaged with plenty of tissue to prevent that. 


Just as a little note, if you do happen to want to return your shoes or exchange them for a different size, M. Gemi makes it incredibly easy.

I’ve shopped at too many retailers that make you place a new order to do an exchange, when I haven’t even been refunded for the last one! Not so here. All you have to do is request an exchange and it will be sent out immediately with no charge, and you return your current pair in the meantime!

All returns, whether you need an exchange or not, are completely free! This makes me all the more willing to shop at new brands if I know the risk is lower if I don’t like it.

Butttt, I can pretty much promise you won’t be doing any returns with these shoes!


What I got

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect kitten heel for everyday wear, and well I found it!

I ordered “The Rivista” in black patent leather for $248. And well, here are my thoughts on this shoe.

P.S. I just adore that little v cut at the toe. It really takes a pair of simple shoes up a notch!


If you remember the little trick I mentioned earlier about going up a half size in heels, then I would say these are true to size. If you’re interested in any of their flat shoes, I would say stick to your normal size. And for any shoes with a point, check out the reviews, because that can sometimes affect the fit.

I originally bought a 6.5, which was a mistake on my part and now the 7 fits perfectly!



Wow, is all I can say. For one, we all know how cheap patent leather can feel and look. I mean, the patent leathers we see now are basically plastic leather that give you those stanky feet.

True patent leather is regular leather that has been given a very shiny finish with an oil like Linseed oil, and boy, can you tell the difference. It doesn’t feel stiff on my feet, and it doesn’t appear quite as cheap. I don’t feel like I belong in a nightclub selling my bodily goods, it just feels like a step up from regular leather.

The stitching on the shoe is minuscule and not fraying, and the sole of the heel is properly attached. One incredible feature about the sole I haven’t seen anyone mention is that it has almost a suede like finish.

With traditional higher end shoes, you usually get a slick leather sole. Unfortunately these leather soles can be very loud (aka clacky) and/or slick. I’ve found myself slipping in leather soles more than once, even the ones that have the traction lines cut on the bottom!

The suede like finish gives you all the benefits of a leather sole without the risk of ending up in the hospital, and with the price of an emergency room visit…that’s always a plus.


It is EXTREMELY rare that I consider heels comfortable. In fact, I avoid heels like the plague, because I hate all the wobbling around and the pinched toes. And before you ask, yes I know how to walk in heels (thank you Character Tap Dance classes).


The problem with most heels is that they aren’t really made for your foot, they’re made to look good. Toeboxes get so pointy only your pinky toe could fit down there and heels get so high and aren’t glued on well, so you wobble around. The placement of a heel and the size of the toebox contribute to your foot comfort wayyyy more than you think. So, I’m going to show you the one trick to buying heels that are 10 times more comfortable than your normal heels.

Look at this shoe. See where that pointy stick of a heel is? It’s actually about a half inch or so from the back of your shoe, which is where it should be! This little stick is actually supporting your heel from the center, which provides support and less wobbles.

Shoes where the heel is practically at the back of your shoe are not stable, because the “heel stick” is not actually under your heel. It’s at the edge, when it should be at the center. Girl, wherever you buy your heels, remember this! Luckily, all of the heels from M. Gemi have the correct heel placement and thus are infinitely more comfortable.

I do need to note that you’re going to notice there is a lack of “cushion” in the sole of the shoe. Well, not an entire lack, but there is no puffed up obvious cushion. I personally was not bothered by this, because I feel like the actual craftsmanship of the shoe is what makes it comfy, not some extra footbed. Honestly, those air footbeds are usually just that, puff!

The Verdict

8/10 because nothing is perfect! If you’re on the hunt for any new shoes, I would definitely check out M. Gemi. They actually release new styles every single Monday, so there’s always something to be had.

Balking at the price? I totally understand. Luckily, I’ve got a coupon you can use. Just click the link below and you’ll get $50 off your shoes! A hella deal, if I say so myself.

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Not sure what to buy?

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