Capsule #35: How to Make a Summer Uniform


*It’s gonna be May*-cues the Justin Timberlake memes and N’Sync songs. I may miss those songs, but I sure don’t miss those ramen noodle curls. I may have been a victim myself…don’t judge me it was the early 2000s, which we all know was a fashion wasteland.


Does Everlane ever not kill it? They just really nail that minimalistic aesthetic. I will say I don’t love all of the things they produce, because my style isn’t exactly minimal. However, for basics there is pretty much no other place to go. I get most of my cotton tees from Everlane. So, this week’s cornerstone is the blue and white striped muscle tank from Everlane. The cut and the fabric are so flattering for a basic summer tank. It definitely manages to look less sloppy than so many of the muscle tanks I see.

Girl in silver skirt, striped tank, black shorts, white tee, and cold-shoulder top

Girl in silver skirt, striped tank, black shorts, white tee, and cold-shoulder top

Look #1

Every girl needs a sparkly skirt in her closet. I could give you the sensible reason that it’s very versatile for holiday outfits and other events, which is true. But the reality is, I mostly wear mine for everyday things and I LOVE it. There is just no reason you shouldn’t have sparkle and shine in your daily life. You will also get so many compliments, I promise. I would suggest a midi skirt that has a gathered waist or A-line cut. A fitted skirt, especially if its mini, will not be good for everyday (unless you live in the club, which is cool too).

Look #2

This is my summer uniform. A tank top and some high-waisted shorts. It’s easy, it doesn’t get too hot, and you look reasonably put together. If I was feeling the need to spice it up, I would probably change my shoes to closed-toe flats and add a necklace.

Look #3

Y’all, I am really excited about this cold-shoulder thing for summer. This is my dream. I despise off-the-shoulder tops. Yeah, I’ll wear them if I want my sleeves to end up by my ears or I want to flash a crowd when I accidentally pull it down. I’m not graceful. I feel like this cold-shoulder trend gives me the best of both worlds. Another plus is that these kinds of tops can feel casual and comfy, but they’d be perfect for a summer date-night. The drama on those sleeves is undeniable!

Look #4

Here’s another example of how I would dress up my summer uniform. This tee is a weightier and boxy cutfrom Club Monaco. The thicker fabric and cut are what make it slightly less casual. You can see that I put on some embellished flats (my favorites) to take the outfit up another notch. I would definitely wear something like this out to a casual lunch or date. One thing I am on the lookout for is high-waisted non-denim shorts that can be worn in a formal situation.

Look #5

This outfit really shows how a shiny skirt can be casual. If you make the effort to dress it down, it will work. Sadly, this is rarely true for those old prom dresses…I made sure to wear open sandals for two reasons. One, they match the casualness of the muscle tank. Two, the open style is better for not making your legs look short in a midi dress/skirt, for us petites.

I’m always trying to up my style game and switch things up. One thing I have yet to explore is jewelry. Of course, I have a massive collection, but I never wear it. I just forget about it, frankly. Do you wear jewelry frequently? If so, what kinds of pieces are your favorite (necklaces, bracelets, earrings)?

5 Items

Cold Shoulder Tee

Black Jean Shorts 

White Box-Cut Tee

Sparkle Skirt

Everlane Striped Tank 


Strappy Tan Flats

Black Sandals