Capsule #22: May All Your Chambray Dreams Come True


If a girl could marry whomever or whatever she wanted, I might cause an uproar in the Supreme Court when I ask to marry a fabric. Who knew something could be so right, and not at all wrong. Trump, I’m coming for ya. I don’t want a man or a woman just…


And the winner is…Chambray by Madewell! Please, come accept your award. I’m calling it now, someone is going to name their baby Chambray, and I may or may not fully support it. Chambray is the denim you’ve dreamed of since your youth, okay maybe just my youth. Soft, cotton, thin, breathable, goes with everything. This is not my first run-in with chambray, but this is my first short-sleeve shirt in the fabric. I wanted to try this kind of short dolman sleeve look, and I found it fit great with my aesthetic.

Make all your dreams come true with the magic of Chambray. Toss in a little flannel and a pair of ripped jeans and you've got the perfect cozy winter capsule wardrobe.

Make all your dreams come true with the magic of Chambray. Toss in a little flannel and a pair of ripped jeans and you've got the perfect cozy winter capsule wardrobe.

Look 1

That is not a skirt underneath, it’s a sweater dress! I layered the chambray shirt over the dress just for funsies. Ended up loving it. It happens. This is really just a very casual look, and I winterized it with the oxfords. It’s hard to truly dress for winter in the South, so you get creative. In the spring/summer, I would opt for a sandal.

Look 2

This outfit is either for my 90s revival band or my newest grunge alt punk rock band. I know nothing about music, could you tell? I was pleasantly surprised by these colors. I tend to stick to well-known color combos and fairly neutral colors. This shirt is the only orange thing I own, which is toned down by the black ripped jeans and the flannel. It is toned down, but the other neutral colors allow it to pop. Notice I tucked the shirt in, so it is a smaller but more impactful pop of color. Clinton Kelly, Stacy London, call me. I’m ready.

Look  3

That sweater dress you saw the bottom edge of in outfit 1? Here’s every last inch. If this were Black Mirror, I could do a 360 rotation to show you the dress on your screen and interact with you and basically ruin your life…okay I’ve been watching way too much sci-fi on Netflix. I’ll be honest. The dress is a bit plain. I love it because it’s comfortable and serves as a base for items that are not so plain, like these lace-up heels.

Look 4

If outfit number 2 was for my alt grunge revival 90s rock pop band, this is me after I’ve grown up but still retained my rock ways. Ya know,  like Gia in Fuller House. I am seriously showing just how much Netflix I watch here. I kept the ripped jeans but buttoned up my flannel and rolled down the sleeves, keeping it respectable. I rolled up the sleeves once, because being completely covered is not a good look. Wrists are sexy, as my ladies from the Victorian era would know.

Look 5

I’m sorry. One last time. Chambray. Even I might be a little sick of that word, but that doesn’t mean I love it any less. This ******* (not a bad word, just a tired one) shirt, ripped jeans, and sparkly flats? Could this be any more ME? I like to call my style polished edge. It combines classic pieces with edgy pieces and throws in a dash of sparkle. So, it’s basically perfect.

If you had to define your style, what would you call it? Use anyyyy word you can dream of, doesn’t even have to be in the dictionary. Tell me what your style is in the comments!

5 Items

Flannel Shirt

Burnt Orange Tank

Black Ripped Jeans 

Chambray Shirt 

Sweater Dress (similar)


Black Oxfords

Camel Low Heels 

Glitter Flats

Black Rothys Flats ($20 Discount Code) 

Lace-Up Heels