Capsule 52: How to Wear Menswear and Still be Feminine

Ummmm, what does that number up there say? 52?! Do I know how to count? Has it really been a year of One Week Wardrobes? Survey says....Yes!!! This is my last capsule of the "year", and I'm partially thrilled because I've learned so much and partially excited I stayed committed this long. I know myself, and it was highly probable I would bail after about 10 of these. So, that just goes to show how much I enjoyed doing it and writing about it. I just had a ball writing my reflection post on a year of capsule wardrobes, which I cannot wait to share with you! It will be out next week, and it's long. So, bring snacks. But before that, we have to actually see what my last capsule looks like. I really struggled with picking out my clothes for this week. I wanted everything to be just perfect. Taking my time proved to be worth it, I think this capsule is one of the most accurate representations of my style and how it has evolved in this last year. How would I sum it up? Like Elle Woods was forced to grow up and get a job and show the men who's boss. 

Hmm, those are some interesting jeans. Cool pockets. Oh, snap! They're overalls! Also, do people still say "Oh, snap!" asking for a friend. This is my favorite trick in my new favorite overalls. They double as pants! I have a pair of dark and light wash jeans, but these can function as a medium wash, and the pockets are a detail that doesn't force me to buy a new pair of "cool" jeans. The only problem? Bathroom trips. You know what I'm talking about. All I want to know is, what happened to butt flaps. 


Top Secret Number One: I'm not a fan of dresses. It's just TOO much freedom in my nether regions and I feel exposed. I'm the girl putting ON pants when I get home, not taking them off! Ah, nothing better than a good pair of pants. But, I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone. I love the look of dresses, and I want to be a bit more feminine. So, I'm trying to find dresses that aren't too short and tight that I'm exposing all the goods. Maybe I've just been shopping at Forever21 too much...


I mean......could this outfit be any more me? I am all about combining more menswear styles with very feminine styles. I'm not all sugar and spice, and I'm definitely not everything nice. I cannot bear to be in an overly feminine outfit, but I mean mug and get through it like the big girl I am. I know wide leg pants are all the rage right now, and my brain interprets them as softcore menswear. The thing about menswear is that it really, really complements feminine pieces. The lace in this top is the perfect contrast, but it doesn't look too sickly sweet. 


Y'all, I nailed it again. I'm basically the most feminine farmer. I probably raise flowers, but thorny ones, cause I'm a boss. 


I'm....still working on this dress thing. I like the outfit aesthetically, but I need to get more comfortable in it. Practice makes perfect. Until next week, babes. 

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