9 Minimalist Podcasts for Normal People


Are you not really into the minimalist podcasts that are telling you to throw all your stuff away, move into a van, and become a vegan? Yeah, me either.

But, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve inspiration just the same! These 9 podcasts are my absolute fave for inspiring me to live simpler and throwing in a bunch of real life and humor while they’re at it. No matter where you’re at in life, I pinky promise I’ve picked at least one podcast you’ll love!

1| Functioning Minimalist

iTunes Rating | 4.5/5 Stars

Average Length | 7-10 minutes

If I wasn’t looking at a picture, I would think someone had stolen my identity and started a podcast with my exact personality. I LOVE this podcast, because she is all about real life minimalism.

There’s no bull about what a “true” minimalist should be doing or only interviews with people living in a camper and working from home. This is real life minimalism. And she keeps it short, which is great for when I just want a quick bit of funny inspiration.

I want to listen!


2 | the next right thing

iTunes Rating | 5/5 Stars

Average Length | 10-15 minutes

Emily wants your soul to have breathing room, and I’m all for it. With a minimalist lifestyle we so often forget that our brains need a break, too! We get rid of all the physical stuff, but our mind is still packed with those embarrassing memories from sixth grade and how to calculate the length of the triangle’s hypotenuse.

This podcast is all about making less decisions or making your decisions easier, from what to do with your life next to what coffee you’re going to order tomorrow morning.

I want to listen!


3| Minimalist moms podcast

iTunes Rating | 4.5/5 Stars

Average Length | 10-30 minutes

I feel like there is a super special place for moms who are minimalists. I mean, having kids is basically saying “I want my house to be cluttered for the next 18 years, minimum.” Mom, I don’t know how you did it.

But, there are moms that are minimalist and don’t make their kid buy one toy a year! It’s totally possible, and these minimal moms show you how to downsize your life, your house, your kids toys, their schedules, and anything beyond.

I want to listen!


4 | A sustainable mind

iTunes Rating | 4.5/5 Stars

Average Length | 35-50 minutes

This is a serious one y’all. I’m a lover of funny and inspirational podcasts, but when you wanna learn some shiz? A Sustainable Mind is for you. It’s easy to understand, but it’ll get you think.

Ever wondered what microplastics are and what to do about them? Wanna know about fermenting? Considering a tiny house? This is THE podcast for you! They cover tons of topics and add new shows frequently.

I want to listen!


5| Self-Helpless

iTunes Rating | 5/5 Stars

Average Length | 1 hour +

This is minimalism for the most basic girl in your life. The Starbucks loving, Uggs wearing, Live Laugh Love decal hanging girl. And there is no shame in that!

Self-HelpLess is not strictly a minimalist podcast, but it talks all things self improvement in a hilarious way. This is just straight up better your life real talk on subjects from washing your face, to masturbating, to loving your body. But hey, if you’re around kids…maybe save this one for later.

I want to listen!


6| Cohesive Home

iTunes Rating | 5/5 Stars

Average Length | 25-30 minutes

This is an all areas make life simpler kinda podcast, okay? It’s for moms, it’s for college girls, it’s for the career lady, and maybe even your grandpa. Pro tip: Don’t listen to them before bed, because their voices are TOO soothing and you want to pay attention!

I love the mix of shows with just the hosts and shows that interview experts in different areas. It really keeps the subject from getting boring, because sometimes there are only so many ways you can say “Simplify your life, girlfriend”.

I want to listen!


7| Zen Commuter

iTunes Rating | 5/5 Stars

Average Length | 10-25 minutes

Not super into meditation but still want some zen? This is the podcast for you! Every show they take a subject like “What is Nirvana” or “How to See Others Without Judgement” and guide you to the answer in a loving way. I swear I feel like I got a hug after listening to these shows.

What’s really great is the varying length of the shows, no matter what your commute time is, there’s a show for you.

I want to listen!


8 | the simple sophisticate

iTunes Rating | 5/5 Stars

Average Length | 30-55 minutes

This podcast is for sure in my top three! I’ve been on a journey to bring more love to myself, and I like to do that by being a little bougie and having luxurious pajamas or really great quality jeans. You know there’s a difference between $80 jeans and jeans that cost $12. Can you say booty sag?

But, you can go too far with luxury and overpriced things, and this podcast is all about balancing simple living and treating yo self.

I want to listen!


9| Happier

iTunes Rating | 5/5 Stars

Average Length | 5-40 minutes

Okay, so this one isn’t technically about just minimalism, but it’s all about making your life happier. Gretchen doesn’t come at you with crazy requirements and plans to change your entire life over a year.

Nope, it’s just little bits of wisdom to make your life simpler and happier. My favorite podcasts are her “Little Happier” podcasts, which are only 3-5 minutes long! I may or may not listen to these when I’m wondering if I reallyyyy have to go into work today.

I want to listen!