New Year's Resolutions? Check!


I have completed one of my New Year’s Resolutions! Two months into the year! So, I’d say I’m doing pretty good. It was on my list of resolutions to do a wardrobe purge (and shop more). I promised results so without further ado, here is what was tossed! I got rid of about 30 pieces of clothing, 15ish makeup items, and a few necklaces. There are a some miscellaneous things mixed in and 2 pairs of shoes. I was surprised to see how much I threw out, since I had just done a major cleanout a little over a year before. I followed the same process this time, but it took way less time. It only took me one weekend and one garbage bag.

I don’t immediately donate, though. I follow a well-honed process. You’re talking to the girl who had to have her best friend clean her closet out for her. First, I decide what has value and set it aside. Second, my sister and friends go through the mountains of clothing and such. That usually takes care of a sizable chunk. Whatever is left over gets donated either to Goodwill or needy families in the area.

I sell things from mid-range brands, such as Ann Taylor, Madewell, GAP. Basically, anything that cost me more than $40-50 is sold. I may only get $10 dollars, but it adds up quickly. I sell on eBay for the most part, but I have sold some higher end items on Poshmark. I loved Poshmark when I first started selling, but it took many hours for a miniscule return. If you don’t have a following on Posh, constantly share, and repost your items, it can be tough to get a sale. Sales prices will typically be higher on Posh, but my time isn’t worth more. It is quicker and easier for me to sell on eBay, so I don’t mind a smaller return.

My one stipulation is that anything that doesn’t sell or I haven’t made the time to list in a month must be donated. If you’re planning on selling things you’re getting rid of, DO NOT let them sit in a closet for a year. The resale value goes down, and it’s only taking up space in your mind and home.

Whew, well I feel much lighter after purging all of that! How are you doing on your resolutions? I’m feeling ready to take on the rest of the year, now. If you have a long term goal, stick with it! Anddd maybe brag a little in the comments, I’ll be sure to back you up ;)