November 12-18 Capsule #11


I normally style capsules for outfits I would wear in public each week. This week I decided to do a lounge capsule, because we all have those days. ALL of these outfits can be worn in public or at home watching Netflix. I used to have a huge drawer of "lounge" clothes, meaning things I couldn’t part with. But, I learned that you shouldn’t have to feel gross in that stained prom t-shirt from high school just because you’re at home. I do have more than 5 items, and I plan on doing a total recap of all of my loungewear. This is a starting point for you that will have a lot of wear in it.


I don’t want to say you NEED anything. You need food more than you need these leggings. But your next purchase should be these leggings, because you NEED them. I wear them All. The. Time. They’re high waisted, but not Spanx like. So, they suck you in but not uncomfortably. They come in a myriad of colors. Oh, and they last forever. You may not need new leggings until you’re eighty, if then.

Look 1

I stumbled across this dress from Nordstrom, and I’m so glad I did. I love dresses for lounging, because they can be worn summer and winter. My favorite part is the metallic detailing on the bottom hem of the dress. It gives that extra fanciness you need even on days you don’t feel like getting dressed.

Look 2

Here we have our prize-winning leggings with the equally worthy Old Navy Luxe tee. I’ve said my spiel about the leggings. You need them. ‘Nuff said. My next favorite is this luxe tee. I have it at least six colors, and I wear them for lounging, going out, office wear, etc. The best part? They are almost always on sale for under $10!! The color range is astounding. There’s a scoop neck and a v-cut. Short sleeve and long sleeve. Rounded hem and straight hem. Surely you will be able to find at least one that works for your life and color palette. (My fave is the rounded hem, because it covers that legging booty).

Look 3

I was recently introduced to Vici Dolls, which is an online boutique. I tried out this long sleeve Henley top in an oatmeal shade. If you need a roomy shirt so as not to crush your food baby, this is it. It’s fitted in the shoulders, but like a magical Aladdin tent on the bottom. Chic loungewear is all about the details, and the metallic buttons are that pop of divine.

Look 4

If I tell you any more things I’m in love with, I may need a restraining order against some of these stores. The leggings, duh. This sweatshirt from H&M. I actually discovered it in black at a consignment store on vacation. Somehow, I had forgotten to pack pants or the middle of winter. It’s fine. We live and do not learn.  Turns out it was the best purchase of my life, and I promptly tried to find where it was from. Lo and behold, H&M for under $15!! These sweatshirts are 100% cotton, come in a million colors, and have quality stitching. My only suggestion? Size up one.

Look 5

Here is why I love dresses for lounge. I throw on a pair of leggings, and I’m warm. Also, I can spread my legs in the most appropriate way. Sorry, mom. At least I wear underwear, now! Depending on your dress, you could mix and match colors beyond neutrals. If it’s extra cold, throw on one of your new sweatshirts or cardis.

Look 6

I just love how this turned out. The sweatshirt is giving this dress a drop-waist effect, which I rarely wear. Yet another example of how details step up the game. This outfit would not be as impactful without the metallic hemline. Those black flats in every outfit? None other than my beloved Rothys. I’ve got a hefty coupon code for you down below. They look like flats and feel like orthopedic sneakers. Technology, you amaze me.

I kept this palette pretty neutral, as I tend to do with my loungewear. I find it allows me to not get tired of the colors. A great way to switch it up is a bright Luxe tee or sweatshirt. Be on the lookout for my total lounge capsule coming soon, since you may find even  more new favorites!

5 Items

Gray Sweatshirt

Foil Detail Dress

Zella Leggings

Old Navy Luxe Tee

Vici Henley Top


Black Rothys Flats $20 Off!

Glitter Flats