November 19-25 Capsule #12


If I had a dollar for every floral item in my closet…I would have like six dollars. I wish It was one hundred dollars. That is how much I adore floral things. Any flower. Tulips. Poppies. Those Georgia O’Keeffe flowers. If a bee lands on it, I’m there.


Was there really any doubt in your mind that I wouldn’t choose the floral dress? Maybe I’m partial, but if that’s wrong I don’t wanna be right. I’ve decided that floral pieces are how I get my necessary intake nature, because I’m sure as hell not venturing outside. If a bee actually landed on me, I think I would pass out from shock. Aside from loving florals, this dress doubles as a duster, because it unbuttons. I realistically could have worn this at least four times in this capsule, but I spared you and my peers.

Look 1

Starting off the week right wearing this floral maxi as God intended. This dress is lightweight, has a stretchy waist, ¾ sleeves. It could not be any more perfect for fall and summer transitioning. Not all florals are equally made for fall, though. Choosing florals that are a bit more muted and in traditional fall colors (mustard, olive, ketchup: sandwich colors).

Look 2

My fave jeans with my fave girl, Me! If you don’t want any added drama in your life, then wearing this dress as a duster is not for you. As I swished around I gained and lost at least 7 boyfriends, ruined 2 weddings, and started one fire. This dress/now duster has little ties on the waist that could be used to accentuate your curves if you so desire. I love the contrast between the cream and black, possibly because it speaks to my inner halves.

Look 3

Orange you glad you’re reading this? I may have chosen the floral dress as my cornerstone, but this black tank was really working her little butt off. I switch back and forth between v-necks and scoop-necks, and this is a V month. Also, this skirt has snap buttons down the front for that easy bathroom access. You’re welcome.

Look 4

Orange you glad this skirt and this joke is back again? Here is proof that skirts don’t have to be mini or maxi to look good. I’m a petite person, (5’3"), so I never dreamed I could wear a knee-length skirt. The trick is to make it a fitted skirt. If it’s a flowy or voluminous skirt hitting at your knee on a petite frame, it’s a no-go. Fitted is a go-go. Trust me. I just tossed at least three skirts for that reason.

Look 5

I love this shirt. I love this shirt. If you can’t read, go back to kindergarten. Or just wait for me to tell you that it says Woman in various languages. There’s something empowering about feeling united with women globally, and it helps that this tee is insanelyyyy soft. Forewarning, some proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. I totally understand if that isn’t something you support, but I think something we can all get behind is general female healthcare. Cause that stuff down there can get wack. Boy, do I know.

Look 6

Not sure what it is about Day 6, but I always come back to a simple outfit. Jeans and a tank top, could I get any classic-er? Maybe it’s just that I’m tired, but the simple has never failed me. It’s amazing how good you can feel when clothes look and feel good on the bod. It helps that my glitter flats added a little shine to my day. I have two tips for feeling great in the simple. One: glitter. Two: black.

Since I shared one of my favorite clothing shops (Word Creative) that donates to charity, what is yours? TOMS is a big one, and I love me some classic Toms shoes. I love supporting fashion that gives back, so share with me your favorites!

5 Items

Orange Skirt

Floral Dress

Woman Tee

Madewell Jeans

Black Tank Top


Black Oxford Brogues 

Glitter Flats

Black Rothys Flats $20 Off!

Adidas Sneakers