November 5-11 Capsule #10


It is finally starting to cool down, and let me tell you, I was NOT ready. I could feel the seeping cold radiating from my door. I was scared to touch the handle for fear of getting stuck to it! Sixty degrees is cold, y’all. Honestly, it’s only like a few degrees from freezing. Northerners, what is your secret?


That buffalo check is on my heart. Honestly, if I could wrap my heart in this cozy flannel, I would. Internal cosmetic surgery is going to be the new rage. I really found this black/white buffalo check to be so versatile. I normally see red and black check everywhere, and it literally screams "I’m a lumberjack hipster who grows coffee and/or marijuana!". Close enough. Maybe I’m just jealous, because I look bad in red.

Look 1

Got all kinds of colors, tints, and shades going on. I love shift dresses, but sometimes I need to define my waist. Tying the shirt helped do that, and of course, it serves as a jacket if needed! For a little extra warmth I added some maroon tights (my favorite brand). My sexy tights were out of commission, and Walmart just doesn’t deserve to see me in my sexy tights. Now, Target? Maybe.

Look 2

The haughty is real in this picture, but have no fear, your kindergarten teacher is here. I went just a tad too far with the whimsy in this look, but I needed to wash my hair (who doesn’t) and I have a love affair with this chambray dress. The white tee on top is very thick, sweater-like. After wearing it, I’m not sure I will keep it. Something about a short-sleeve sweatshirt is hard to pull off.

Look 3

This is my style 110%. Okay, maybe I’m saying this is my style, because I’ve lived in these black shorts since I bought them. I can’t help that they’re hella comfy and appeal to my edgy side. The edgy side that likes to stay up past 10pm watching Twin Peaks. The checked shirt with the shorts could have leaned towards a "horse girl" look (you know, that girl obsessed with horses in middle school). So, I put on my ever faithful Rothy’s flats to make it more feminine and less mucking out stalls.

Look 4

That sweet, sweet buffalo check and Rothy’s is back on Day 4, but this time with a little blue(eee suede shoes). I’m not sure why I was so surprised at how much I liked the black with this medium blue chambray. For some reason, I had it in my head that these colors don’t mix well, but that could be my flashbacks from mixing navy and blue on accident…Either way, I love it. Again, I tied the shirt tails at the waist to give me some shape. This would also look great tied but not buttoned.

Look 5

This is arguably my favorite look of this week’s capsule. I am a complete sucker for maroon, but I only allow myself to buy it in accent pieces. P.S. these tan shoes are just as comfortable as flats but with heels! If you don’t know, I abhor heels and almost religiously wear flat shoes. I’m lazy and weak, no shame. The white sweatshirt with the black shorts is passable in this outfit, but I still think it isn’t my style. If you have any short-sleeve sweatshirts you love, I want to hear about them!

Look 6

Saved the simplest for last. That’s how I felt when I was at the end of the alphabet in school…single tear. My mother probably would have worn a dress like this, but I look cuter, right? Right? I’ve had this dress for a long time, but it never fails to disappoint. Denim and a classic cut are always in style. I’m linking a few options that look promisingly similar!

I would love to know your favorite dress style? Is it a shift, A-line, empire, maxi, ballgown? If I could, I would go full Cinderella every day. Just like the dress, though. I don’t have time for that hair and makeup nonsense. Give me some sunscreen and I’m done-zo.

5 Items

Chambray Shift (Similar)

Buffalo Check Shirt

Maroon Tights

Black Shorts (similar) 

White Sweatshirt


Cognac Heels 

Black Rothy Flats $20 Off!

Leopard Flats

Black Oxford Brogues