Oct. 29 - Nov. 4 Capsule #09


It’s Halloween week! What are/did you dress up as? I had grand plans to be Poison Ivy this year, but alas, adults do not trick-or-treat. I’m sure they would tell me to go home when I ask for some gluten-free, vegan, calorie-free, and taste-free candy, anyway. People are just not accommodating! I didn’t manage to dress up, but I did manage to grab a few Pippi Longstocking comments with my hair braided, so that counts. Right?


If you were born in 1935, like I was not, or you just read too many WWII romance novels, like I do, then you may remember the term U-Boat. Well this U-neck scoop from Everlane is devastatingly sexy, instead of just plain devastating. Okay, maybe not sexy, but devastatingly versatile! Why else would I choose a plain tee as my cornerstone? Because it just plain works.

Look 1

The ole U-neck tee and sweater dress combo is a comfy, cozy look. I wore my sandals, because it is "fall" in the sense that my spirits are falling in the hope it will ever cool down. I just love how soft both of these items are, and the sweater dress is 100% cotton. I try to only buy natural fabrics now, because they are much more breathable. But sometimes that poly is hard to pass up!

Look 2

You’re looking at my Halloween costume right here. Any guesses? Yeah, me neither. This off the shoulder button down has a face on it, so I assumed I could say it was any number of celebrities I’m obsessed with. If you can’t see the glorious face, head on over to my Instagram to catch the detail shot.

Look 3

Before I get into this outfit, I have to brag on the shoes. Jessica Simpson, you are relevant. These shoes are from her line and they are insanely comfortable, quality made, and look like pointe shoes?! I mostly love how the ankle straps are elastic, so they’re fuss free! On to the outfit, my new jeans from none other than Abercrombie and the U-neck tee. I need to mention how good this gray is. It’s a true gray that doesn’t lean purple or green, and it isn’t so light it looks white or so dark it looks black. Harder to find than you’d think!

Look 4

The sweater dress is on her own, like we all are in this world. Sorry to break that to you…fashion is here for you, though. This marled sweater dress comes in two colors, which I would snatch if I were you. The cotton fabric makes it seasonless. Just pop a sweater on in the fall, add some tights in the winter, and strip it all away from spring and summer. I chose some lace-up heels to dress it up, but it would look just as good with booties or sandals.

Look 5

I’m wearing sneakers and a cocktail skirt, what has the world come to? Good fashion, obviously! Not sure this is what people mean by "street style", but I put my own spin it. I like pairing casual and formal pieces to get more wear, because this bow skirt deserves it. I truly believe there is no one-wear item. So, get that Halloween costume out all year, baby!

Look 6

PSA these jeans are amazing, soft, and stretchy. And they have sizes for all the petite and plus bods. You need. It’s possible I just ordered more colors and now own 12 pairs of jeans. The jeans made the iconic face shirta little more casual, but the cut of this shirt is really stunning. The buttons and the sweetheart neckline make it so chic, even with destroyed jeans. This shirt actually comes in 4 different colors of mixed fabrics. The white is the only one with a face on it, which is a must have.

Tell me, are you ready for November?! It will soon be 2018, and I’ll be wondering at another year gone by. Honestly, how have we not gotten ahold of this time thing yet. Next year will be the year. Or the next. Maybe 2020…2034…never.

5 Items

Abercrombie Jeans

Face Shirt 

U-Neck Gray Tee

Bow Skirt (similar)

Sweater Dress


Jessica Simpson Ballet Shoes

Black Rothy Flats $20 off!

Lace-Up Heels 

Two-Strap Sandals

Adidas Sneakers