October 2017 Capsule #05

I live in the South, so my perception of seasons is pretty dang skewed. But, is it just me or is Fall realllll late this year? Just about the only thing I can bear to wear is my bare body! My mission this year, and every past year, and every year to follow, is to look like my wardrobe has entered fall but not feel like it. So, I might wear a tank-top that looks like a sweater. Not dickies, anyone remember those horrendous things? My mission is also to keep us out of the bad parts of that 90s neighborhood.


Gosh, I’m going to have to go cliché here. I choose…the Madewell skinnies. It took me years to find jeans that fit me properly and then even more years to find the washes I liked! I always assumed that dark wash denim was too close to black or navy, and don’t even get me started on navy, that sham of a color. I found in this capsule that the dark wash jeans really made each look pop and seem just a tad more polished.

Look 1

I never thought that this exact shade of fuchsia (fancy pink) existed outside of Barbie’s Dream House, but H&M found it. I am all over this dress. It is basically an oversized, ruffly, pink sweatshirt. So, obviously it checks all of the boxes. The oversized fit is just right and not too overwhelming, which is important in that style. Should I have paired this already loud dress with plain black flats? Probably. Instead, I chose my favorite calf-hair leopard flats, because who has time to be proper.

Look 2

Okay, okay. I do take a few days out of my life to be proper, like with this look. I love a good circle skirt, but this one just so happens to be faux leather. I’m no leather buff, but this is a great faux piece, not too shiny or stiff and no flaking. Of course, I paired it with my long-time love, the Old Navy Luxe tee. I’m a scoopneck girl, what about you?

Look 3

This outfit is for those days when you want to be kind of comfy but a little sassy too. I just slipped the circle skirt on over the sweatshirt dress, and I let one ruffle layer peek out. I think a lot of the time we go all or nothing when we tuck in shirts, meaning your shirt is either stapled to your legs or hanging all the way out. That little ruffle puts me somewhere in between on the tucking scale.

Look 4

I so wish I had had time to wear this tie shoulder tank more in this capsule, because it is absolutely fabulous. Forewarning, I can get a little sexy. Oops, I meant it *wink*. Depending on where you tie the straps, this outfit is perfect for a date night or a day in the park (fall weather permitting). I let my straps tie a little in between, but I could definitely tie them up higher to be more modest. This dusky blue is one of my favorite colors, and I really wish we saw it more in the fall season. Get outta here, burgundy.

Look 5

This dress is actually marketed as a tunic, which left me skeptical. It’s long enough on me to be a dress, but I had to try it as this “tunic” thing. Side note, I think tunic is a made up word for long shirt. Shockingly, I loved it. I thought I may have flashbacks to the early 2000s of skirts over jeans, but I survived. The length is perfect and I felt the oversized fit all the way through is what made it work as a “tunic”. Something more fitted would not have looked right.

Look 6

Hang in there, it’s about to get even more classic in Look 6. I had to, y’all. I had to. White shirt and jeans? Instant classic. I usually wear a light-wash jean with a looser fit, but I’ve got to say I felt even better in this classic fit with dark jeans. P.S. these jeans feel like pajama bottoms but still hold their shape. Make a mad dash to Madewell, on foot or by thumb, and scoop up almost any pair of their denim.

I surprised myself with this capsule. However, I think it really shows my style, which is a middle ground between classic and eclectic. It’s the staples that really help ground the loud pieces. I think I may be on the hunt for some more grounding pieces in the very near future.

5 Items

H&M Pink Tunic

Madewell Dark Skinny Jeans 

Old Navy White Tee

Leather (Faux) Skirt 

Tie-Shoulder Cami


Leopard Flats 

Glitter Flats 

Black Flats (My all-time favorites, and a great coupon code)